Friday, October 19, 2012

No Running

It's killing me!  Even my husband asked me today if I wanted to do a run with him.  Very rare occurrence.  But I want to save any nerve aggravation for Sunday.  On the bright side I'm getting some projects done around the house that have been nagging at me.  

While I was cleaning up this morning I noticed this note.  "Please, hand wash ALL spatulas after use.  We don't have enough to keep them in the dishwasher"

Hmmmm....this was my SON's note.  My 17 year old son.  He's really good about cleaning the kitchen after he uses it.  Yeah, right. He should be careful writing on compliance & ethics sticky notes.

He is good at wearing a Cosby Sweater and holding my cup of coffee while contemplating his day.  #hehateshashtags

If those sweaters are coming back in style then it will be just a few more months and my basement full of cheap "wood" paneling will be featured in Home Decor Magazine.  I better vacuum the cobwebs.

While I was searching for the cord/pedal for my sewing machine (GASP!!) I noticed how many Saucony boxes I had.  This is from the box stash I started in June.  My bad.
My son has never looked at my blog and yet I mock him on it.  I'm available for parenting workshops.

Here is something a little RUN-ish.  The taping was really hurting in some spots so after I finished sewing and ironing (quota for the next 5 years) I decided to investigate.  
I found a piece of tape that was on my tender OLD skin that had actually caused a skin tear.  What the hell?  No toenails and now a skin tear?  I should be getting the senior discount at Village Inn with that on my resume.  
I took off all the taping.  

I even went grocery shopping and started laundry which means my technical/running clothes are hung up all over the bathroom and hall.
I'm exhausted from all this domesticity.
Wine to go I bought in Colorado Springs.  You can chill it, take the plastic top off and remove the foil, and it's ready to drink.  The glass is plastic and it's great for traveling.  Good idea!!  I drank about half.  Wine wasn't bad, I just wasn't in the mood.  Which is a weird mood to be in.

PS. I found the pedal/cord in a completely different room then the sewing machine.  Well that makes sense!

Does your family mock you for your participation in social media aka #twitter?
   Not just my family.  Just about everyone.  Everyone except those who "get" me. 

How do you care for your technical clothes?
   I machine wash in cold  with mild detergent and hang to dry.  

If you could tease your teenage son every day with #hashtags, would you?
   Until I loose interest.  Then I'll remember in a month or so and bring it up again.  I would NEVER  EVER and I repeat EVER try this with my teenage daughter.  There could be a change in the atmosphere with her self implosion and accompanying drama. 

Blog on.................

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  1. Social Media ~ not too much mocking going on here, but I live a bachelorette life, so...

    Running gear ~ I wash warm with liquid detergent, sometimes hot if it's really stinky. Never wash cold because I feel like it doesn't get the stink out. Line dry. Sometimes if my socks are super dirty, I will wash them, then turn them inside out and wash them again. Usually a double rinse cycle. I used to not pay as much attention to how I washed my running clothes, but it seems like I'm getting better wear out of them now, and they are not stinking as much.

    Teenage son ~ don't have one. Closest I have is Franklin, golden retriever boy, who is 10 years old. He is like the most faithful mama's boy you could ever wish for, so I never, ever make fun of him. He is my sanity.