Sunday, October 21, 2012

Product Review Lululemon

Blog post dedicated to Tera, who bought me a gift card to Lululemon and started this expensive ball rolling.

I must confess.  I bought my first Lululemon piece at the first of September.  I am now up to 12 pieces.  Please, do not do the math.  Although about half a quarter of them were on the sale rack or from the "made too much" listing on the website.  *sigh*

On my way to Colorado Springs last week I stopped at a mall about one hour north at the Lululemon store and later in Colorado Springs I went to the showroom (smaller and only open limited hours).  A few weeks ago I had tried on this little number here:

Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Since then I dreamed of it.  The soft fabric and the sleeves long enough to go over my thumbs without stretching.  The flattering fit!  I couldn't resist and knew that I had to have it!

I bought it on the way to run the Manitou Incline and wore it within the hour.  I felt like a better athlete just wearing it - but would it be comfortable?  Would it bug me during the run, get soaking wet with sweat?  Here came the real test!  (Yeah, my car was a mess!) 

Like most Lululemon products it was ALL that and more!  It was very comfortable and kept me at a perfect temperature. It felt soft!  I don't have very many long sleeve shirts because tech running shirts tend to be scratchy or too silky.  This shirt did not give me that "cold silky" feeling that some shirts do.  It rained on the way up and the shirt dried quickly, I never felt soggy and in the end it didn't smell either!

After I got to the top AND ran down, it still felt great.  

If you are looking for a comfortable long sleeve and are ready to invest in a great piece of clothing then I would definitely try this on and consider buying it.  Price: $68.00

You can get them online with free shipping or go to the store if you have one nearby.  There is always a much bigger selection at a store.  I bought a size 10 which fit me perfectly.  That is my usual size in shirts, but in long sleeves I usually have to go up a size for my ape arms.  Not with this shirt.  

why we made this

When it comes to cool weather running, we do it in our Run: Swiftly LS (long sleeve) Tech top. Lightweight and body skimming, we wear it as a base layer under a wind-resistant jacket or on its own once our internal temperature heats up. Note: no jackets were left roadside in the making of this paragraph.

key features

  • doubles as a lightweight base layer in cool weather runs
  • the top's core construction is made of seamless Silverescent
  • where there are seams, they are flat and engineered to reduce chafing
  • thumbholes to keep sleeves in place and wrists warm

tech specs

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s): seamless Silverescent®
  • properties: anti-stink, chafe resistant, moisture wicking, breathable
  • fit: body-skimming
  • length: mid-hip

After I realized I had to come home early because of the flu - I wore this the first day of my drive.  I hadn't washed it.  I also hadn't spilled anything on it, but it didn't smell at all.  It's so comfortable I want to wear it every day. Now THAT is my kinda shirt! 

Please be aware that there is a Lululemon outlet website that looks just like Lululemon but is not associated with the company.  It has been reported to their attorneys - but don't order from there.  The shipping is 25.00 flat and they either don't ever send you anything or send you an inferior product.  

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  1. I would LOVE to run in a shirt like that. Confession - I've NEVER owned anything lulu. I JUST bought my first hoodie of theirs - from a thrift store :) $35 = SCORE, tags still on = DOUBLE SCORE.....getting my mom to give me the 35$ and wrap it up for xmas for me = YAY ME!!!

    I'd love to run in a shirt like that but I can't justify the money.

  2. I have that shirt too and love it. Do you find the arms a bit tight though? My body fits awesome and the sleeves do too but they're tough to pull up if you ever have to. I don't like spending so much money on clothes but I've been converted, my lulu running clothes are BY FAR my best ones and as much as I might hate the price tag, so worth every penny!