Monday, October 22, 2012

The Other Half Recap

I signed up for this half marathon in probably March.  I want to run all the Moab races this year, so I didn't give it much thought.

I had no idea I would be struggling with PF, nerve pain and having the flu.  Luckily the flu part would have resolved a few days before the race.  At least the symptoms.  

The race had a couple of kick ass hills.

But it was on road next to the river in Moab.  A very beautiful area of the country

I ran it with 2 friends, Tera and Nicole.  We were matchie, because that is what is fun to do!

I planned splits for a 2:15 half.  I knew with my foot and the flu, I would be lucky to finish and that seemed like a good time.  I did great...until mile 6.  The course is easy the first half and then about mile 6, when the wind and the hills kick up my body felt like it was drained of all energy.  It took a mile or so, but I figured it was probably due to the flu.  I probably depleted all my protein stores and didn't have time to replenish enough.  I did have goo at mile 6 and again at mile 10.  I had a salt tab before the race and at mile 10ish.  Before the race I had a protein shake and a TJ crushers.  I pretty much walked up the hills and raced down them.  At mile 10 I realized that if I finished I would be good.  SO I stopped and took pictures a couple of times.  

Avg Pace
Who forgets to turn off their Garmin when they finish a race??? I DO!!  By mile 6 I was 2 minutes ahead of my pace splits and by 8 I was 3 minutes behind.  
I finished in decent time anyway!!  2:26:19.

The Other Half
My official results emailed to me later that day. 
Congratulations #166 KATHEE RYDMAN!
Here are your results for The Other Half:
Your final time is 02:26:19 at a 00:11:07 pace. 

You finished 907 out of 1459 runners.
You finished 46 out of 91 in your class F45-49.

Best part of the race?  Friends.  We saw lots of friends and had a great time!

It was a little cold at the top, waiting for the race, and waiting, waiting.
My pics on the go!  What a beautiful race!  The famous Moab drum circle was at the top of the biggest/last hill.  
Tera's husband Jason took this picture.  Great picture, perfect under the clock!  I cropped out the 13 year old in front of me and I have no idea why I don't look near like the athlete I feel like!  My legs look soft and saggy.  I was even  bustin it for the last quarter mile!

Post race picture!  There is a medical resident on the left end, Nicole, Tera, me and Jill and Martina are on the right end.  They are burn nurses.  Nicole is a respiratory therapist in the SICU and Tera is the nurse in charge of all nurses in the SICU.  

Photo in front of a sheet.  I thought the guy said, show me your boobs, but it was bibs.  My bad.

All in all a good race.  I should have had a few more lean chicken breasts and protein shakes to try and restore the energy in my body.  I was proud of myself for realizing what was happening and slowing down, enjoying a little more then pushing myself.  

I rarely eat dairy, grains, breads or legumes.  I was so tired after the race I drank a chocolate milk and ate pretzels and chips.  My body was very angry about that!  I feel better today though and look forward to my massage tonight!  YEAH!!

Foot is doing pretty good.  It didn't hurt nearly as much as during my LSR 2 weeks ago and today it's doing OK.  That is very good news!  

Everyone ran this weekend, what did you do?  How did you do? 

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  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I love to find other local bloggers :) Looks like you and your friends had a great time.

    Was that wind not killer? It definitely kicked up the intensity factor. I liked the band and scenery as well. Next race, pace with us :) We will get ya to your goal!!

  2. I think you made a smart choice slowing down and enjoying the route rather than trying to push yourself when you felt like you couldn't. Lately I've been so obsessed with time that I don't know if I could have done that.

    Hope your foot continues to improve!

  3. Beautiful pictures and soo much fun to run races with friends, totally agree!! I did the AC half marathon last Sunday with my friend and it turned out to be a couple's getaway. Sooo much fun!!

  4. I think your lack of foot pain, after the race, is a great sign! Sounds like a fun event. I'm glad you got out there to do it and just enjoy it with friends. :)

  5. I love Moab! I have never run a race there but I am going to be in November and really looking forward to it too!!

    I also have never run a race while sick. I can only imagine how challenging and draining that can be. Good job finishing though!

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog:)