Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cookies are delicious!

I miss running.  

This made me laugh:

A blog post by Shut up and Run Blogger. 

WARNING!!!  Whine alert!!!
I'll make this quick.
Resting my foot is HAAARRRDDDD!

Whew!  Done.  But I don't have much to say about running except that right now as I type I'm massaging my foot with a massage ball which is helpful & painful.

I couldn't decide to take the picture with my dingy sock or lack of toenails.  Sock wins!!  Foot Rubz

I am also icing and elevating. 
My foot care kit.  Biofreeze, ice, ace wrap to hold the ice pack on, Foot Rubz and the tingly lotion.

The Podiatrist arranged for a  prescription lotion that is helpful for nerve pain.  It tingles.  I've only had it for about 24 hours so I'll see how it works.  The list of ingredients is pretty interesting with Ketamine, Baclofen, Gabapentin, Nifedipine......etc.  Drugs usually ingested or used IV.  But I won't bore you with that stuff! 

Came to work last night at the Rock and woke up to this.


Yesterday was a great day!  I went to Costco and scored the FIRST parking spot.

Downside:  When you get to your car and start putting the groceries in the trunk a car always stops to wait.  ALERT:  I'm not going rush because you are too lazy to drive around and walk.  

I also took Manny (my Subaru) in for my post Colorado Springs drive oil change and they gave me a cookie!
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
thanks Nate Wade Subaru
No, it's not Paleo/Primal, but I NEEDED this!

Trying to rest a foot is difficult.  I would guess I'm going through a little bit of injury depression because I'm not doing much other exercise either.  Oh, except for that half marathon on Sunday. (THREE days I'm whining) I have my Yoga video that I'm considering doing and if not that then I will at least do my planks, crunches and push ups.  

I plan on finishing up this pity party TONIGHT!  I have a Relay in Vegas in TWO weeks.  BOOM.  Runner 3!  16.1 miles total.  Get over here you medals you!

Why is injury so depressing for those that are active?

Is there another dealership out there that gives out homemade cookies??

Blog on.................


  1. I liked that SUAR post too. Interesting about that foot stuff. I used to take Gabapentin for nerve damage and pain after my car accident - powerful stuff from what I understand! ANd just for the record, I'd never cringe at an ugly toe photo!

  2. I'm reading this while icing my achilles... we are in the same boat and totally hear you. Let's hope we are both back up running very soon!!