Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm a big girl now

No running today again.  I did go to my Pilates studio and participated in a class called Friday Focus.  It was a blast.  We used classic dance moves (cha cha, ballet, waltz, etc) to really work our core muscles.  


Tomorrow I have my first big girl shift on orientation for rotor.  I can't help but be a little excited!!  I love my job on the fixed wing, but super excited to start with a few helicopter shifts a month.  I even picked up my helmet today.

I tried taking a cool picture of my helmet and coat.  My dog Zoe photo bombed it, the little turd.  She was probably mad because I let Ted wear the helmet.
And then my daughter tried it on.
Samantha...a future flight nurse?

Planning on a medium long run around 8 miles on Sunday.  Still icing and massaging my foot daily and it feels pretty good.  Getting excited for the Las Vegas Ragnar!!  

What cross training do you love?

Blog on.............


  1. very cool that you found a good way to cross-train while waiting to run. That can make all the difference in one's non-running sanity level. ;)

  2. Hey! I was just reading about your recent 1/2, Congrats :D

    As for cross-training, I tend to get on the bike at the gym, while watching tv!