Thursday, October 4, 2012

Running Pop Quiz

I found this yesterday and filled it out.  I love talking about running and this was a perfect way to do it!  Plus I'm working today and I knew there wouldn't be anything too interesting to blog about.  Which was true - I took a nap.  Paperwork.  woohoo.

From the Blog:  The Hungry Runner Girl

Janae at HRG posted a quiz today and I thought that I would share it.  
(I ran the Wasatch Back with her hubby and it is one of my favorite running blogs)

1. FUEL:  Honey stinger goo. Sometimes the jelly beans. Working towards a more natural fueling with Trader Joes fruit sauce Crushers or make my own natural goo.  If all else fails, a banana.

2. Race Length: LOVE relays and half marathons.  My addiction to Relay's is obvious.

3. Workout Bottoms: Shorts when it's hot and capri's when it's cool.  My long Nike cold pants when it's freezing.  I haven't found a running skirt I like.  I don't like the compression shorts - they aren't complimentary to my figure..

4. Sports Drink: NUUN.  I use No-Xplode pre-workout on occasion. Lots and lots of water.

5. Running Temperatures: Perfect fall or spring coolness.

6. Running Shoe Brands: Saucony.  Love the low heel drop.

7. Pre-race meal: Protein drink, banana and just before I start I have a Crusher or two.

8. Rest Days: I run about 3-4 days a week.  Cross train with pilates/TRX or barre class the other days.  Usually only 1 day a week without any exercise.

9. Music: I love having it!  I love making a playlist for each race with my favorites at the time.

10. #1 reason for running: I am addicted.  I started just for fun and the joke is on me.  I love racing, relays and I love how fit it has made me and is keeping me as I age.

What are your answers to these questions?

Do you have anything you do/eat/wear when you are running that you feel very passionate about?

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  1. I like doing these things, here are my answers...

    1. FUEL: jelly beans, Power Bar chews and gatorade. Will probably change as I get through my marathon training and need more...

    2. Race Length: half marathons are my favourite. Still a challenge but not so much you have to give up all your spare time to train

    3. Workout Bottoms: usually shorts/capris, skirts/capris for races and tights and a skirt in winter

    4. Sports Drink: gatorade but need some new suggestions. Love the taste of nuun but it doesn't sit well in my tummy when I run. boo.

    5. Running Temperatures: winter, spring, rain...just not hot!

    6. Running Shoe Brands: Always Mizuno.

    7. Pre-race meal: peanut butter and jam and sometimes a banana, lots of water

    8. Rest Days: run 5 days per week, pilates once per week and I try to do barre once a week as well

    9. Music: Always run with it, adds a soundtrack to the awesomeness that running can be.

    10. #1 reason for running: Running keeps me in shape and helps me manage my back pain. I feel strong and confident and sometimes as a stay at home mom running feels like the only thing I can truly control. With running you always get back what you put in. With toddlers, not so much! :o)

  2. Great list! I posted mine today as well :)

  3. 1. Fuel: Larabars, lunchmeat, and Honey Stinger Products (chews and gels). Ultragen orange-cream for post-workout.

    2. Race Length: 50k, but I love my 8-10 mile easy training runs.

    3. Workout Bottoms: running skirt. I have a patagonia one that I absolutely love, but I have several by "Running Skirts" that are super cute. My orange one is my favorite, and I wear it when I run the roads. It turns heads.

    4. Sports Drink: nuun. I used to have a lot of stomach problems before I found nuun. It keeps me from bloating on super long runs, and I don't cramp. I can't do Salt Stick or other e-caps because they will make my stomach cramp.

    5. Running Temperature: 40 degrees, 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground.

    6. Running Shoe Brand: Hoka One One

    7. Pre-race meal (night before): cheeseburger and fries. Milkshake.

    8. Rest Days: Monday. 4 days easy running, one day intervals, and one day long-run (20+).

    9. Music: yes, please. My playlist is called "Run Honey Run" after a song by Morcheeba. I love Mumford and Sons and Crooked Still.

    10. #1 Reason for running: I feel empty without it. I have met so many great people through running, and I love seeing them at events (racing or volunteering). We have a close-knit ultra-community in SLC and it's very supportive. I love running with my dogs. The joy they have for life makes me happy.