Friday, October 5, 2012

Challenges of running

Call a WHAAAMbulance.  
I'll have some cheese with my whine...
You get the point.

I love running, I really do and then once in a while, I don't.  I hear a lot of non-runners say, "I don't run, I just hate it".  Guess what, I do too sometimes.  My head likes to do this thing where it acts like it can't stand the first mile.  I'll slow it down and warm my head into the idea that my body is going to keep running until I'm done with what I wanted to do and my head comes around and then it's all sparkles, ponies and cupcakes. 

Tonight's run was miserable.  I wanted to run this morning, but I didn't sleep well and didn't wake up and motivate myself early enough in order to be ready to come on shift at 10am.  Lame.  Probably.  But being well rested is very important in this job and I never regret getting enough rest.  There is no guarantee that I'll get any sleep, once on shift.  

That left me with a 4 mile tempo run on the treadmill.  Not any treadmill, the treadmill at our apartments workout room.   I have to say, this apartment complex, although nice, used the cheapest of EVERYTHING.  From windows and appliances to the treadmills.  

Once I started my workout my head was on fire.  It was not wanting to run at all.  I felt tired and I think I'm getting burned out on my foot always hurting.  I slowed things down and realized that the only option on the treadmill was mph and not min/miles.  I have no idea the conversion so I decided (to placate my head a little) that I would run the 4 miles with warm-up and cool-down at a pace just a little faster then easy.  That helped and soon I was truckin along at a pretty good pace. 

THEN at 2 miles the treadmill just stopped.  Stopped.  Not a pause a full on done, stop - no information left.  I have hit the stop before when I was running and I know I didn't do that.   Luckily I had checked time and distance recently and I just restarted it.  Another mile in I reached up to increase the speed and boom - off.  FOR THE LOVE!! 

After one of my unplanned off sessions.

I restarted it again for my last mile and now I was stuck wondering if I could increase the speed.  I started out at 6.0 mph and I had increased throughout my run and the last half of a mile I was at 6.6 mph (which is about 9.09 min/miles) and I wanted to bust it up to 6.7 for a big finish  (I love a big finish!)  I shouldn't have, but I did and BOOM - off again.  I turned it on, put it on 6.7mph and finished my 4ish miles.  Of course it didn't turn off when I decreased the speed.  Overall I think I did about 4 miles at a less then tempo pace, but respectable about 9.5 min/mile average.  I can live with that.  Plus after I did feel terrific!!!  

So if your a non-runner and you go out to run and just hate it, then give it some time and love.  Slow it down, run/walk, make slow increases.  Try to stay away from evil possessed apartment complex treadmills that stop when you try to run faster.  Very essential advice.  I have more, just ask.  

Even though it was only 4 miles I tried out my new compression sleeves.  These are from ProCompression, the same company that I bought the orange compression socks from that didn't work out so well for me and took a couple of toenails in the process.  I don't fault the company, the full socks aren't for me.  Recently they had a special (like them on Facebook, they have ton's of specials) and I bought 2 pairs of the sleeves, black and purple in size small.  I was worried they would be too small but they are PERFECT.  Not too long and fit great with the perfect amount of squeeze.  They worked perfectly for my run and if I hadn't been at work I would have worn them for a couple hours after.  Very comfortable.  I really don't have any cons to the product, they are expensive but watch for specials.

AND - they match my shoes that match my KT tape.  boom.  I love that!  

Blog on...............

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  1. Oh I so have the same relationship with running. Some days I am just itching to get out there and other days I'd rather go have a tooth pulled. Regardless, I always feel better by the end and that's what I try to tell myself on those crappy days. I have some CEP comp socks and I"m nervous to run in them because I am so picky about socks and toenails. Bought some sleeves and they seem great!