Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long Slow Run

Probably not my best idea.  

It's my last long run before the Other Half in Moab in a couple of weeks.  I figured I would do this run and then keep all my long runs just a mile over what my next race/relay will be.  I'm trying to run smarter and not harder to get through January and then I'm taking a break to heal up this foot.  For the most part it feels pretty OK  especially when I ice, massage and tape it everyday.  Today started out the same except around mile 5 that sorta ripping feeling (almost like an electric shock with pain) in the back of my heal started for about 1/4 of a mile but then stopped.  My husband asked if I stopped running because of the pain......oh no my sweetheart, that would make sense!

This morning I had some coffee and some Paleo Pancakes with butter and sugar free syrup...num num!!  Paleo Pancakes are just a banana/dollop of almond butter and an egg - all munched up with a fork and cooked in coconut oil.  Since I wasted hours laying around looking at funny websites I ate and it was almost 2 hours before I left for my run.  I had a couple of energy chews in the car.  I also had a serving of NoXplode - which is a preworkout drink with lots of caffeine and does give me a bunch of energy!  

I ran the Jordan River Parkway today.  It really is nice and meanders from Provo to North Salt Lake, then turns into the Legacy something or other.  There have been a few attacks, stabbing and dumping of bodies along the route which has given it a bad name.  Personally, if I'm there for the right reasons and during daylight hours it is wonderful.  Today it was busy with ton's of families, bikers, joggers and dog walkers that I was never truly alone.  

I parked my car so I could get back to it at around 6.5 miles.  It's not hot so I wasn't worried about cold water as much as refueling and peeing.  I didn't pee in my car, or around my car, but I did park at a park that had bathrooms and a water fountain.  

I started out with the first miserable mile, like usual, but after that I did OK.   Kept my pace down to around 10.5 min/miles and walked for one minute every 5 that I ran.  Like I said, around 5 miles I felt some extraordinary ripping in the back of my heel.  I stopped for a minute and then took off again trying to slowly adjust my foot strike so it didn't hurt.  It went away and I figured I ripped whatever scar tissues was there and I was golden!  (sick person I am)

I got back to the car and had another salt stick (I had one before I started), an apple/banana crusher and refilled my water.  You can get crushers from Trader Joe's and they are just like applesauce/fruit stuff that is packaged like this:

   That is not my hand, I took the picture off the Internet, but they are really good and I like the idea of those better then all the GU stuff.  

I peed and then ran north.  I was at 6.22 miles and I wanted to run to 9.5 miles then turn around, pass my car and then double back again.  I changed my plans.  I ran all the way to 4800 south which is about as north as I've ever gone.  That put me at 9.2 miles and I was OK with that.  I had a Honey Stinger Goo with me so I took that, filled up my water bottle at the water fountain, being very careful not to touch anything (ew) and started back.  But I must stop here for a minute.  At about 9 miles the ripping pain started again.  Mostly because there was some slight rolling hills, which usually feel good to my foot, but not so much today.  I walked it off and got to the next park - no, I did not stop running.  (gah!)

After I Goo'd and watered I decided to run to a park that was about halfway between me and my car.  This park has an awesome path around the grass that is about .40 miles.  OF course in my head it was at least a mile and I figured I would run around twice then head to my car.  This way I would get to 14 miles before the car.  Well, I ended up going around FOUR times, which was fine, there were lots of families there looking at me like I was crazy and I'm OK with that.  After that I was at about 12.6 miles and I took off for my car.  I miscalculated a little and ended up walking over half a mile.  That hurt like a bitch! (excuse my language)  My foot was no longer happy and I felt like my bra was cutting me in half.  I was done with a capital D.  Once I got to the car my plans for having another crusher and a salt tab were dismissed.  I felt like I was going to puke.  I tried drinking some water with NUUN in it, which never bothers me, but my stomach wasn't having it.  Luckily I had a frozen bottle of water in the car that had melted a little over half way and that was just what the tummy ordered.  

I finally figured out the GARMIN online thingy.  How cool!  I don't have to manually type it in!

My totals for the 14 miles were:
14 miles in 2:35:45  11.07 ave

Here are my splits.  Surprisingly appropriate for a long slow run.
Avg Pace
It looks like there is a booger on the last lap pace, but I swear it's not!

I burned over 1600 calories!!  BOOM.  I thought I would come right home and have this baby that I had in the fridge.  I feel so happy.

But no, it tasted nasty.  So I had water and a bag of popcorn while my SWEET husband defrosted and cooked steaks and some shrimpy thing and fed me while I sat on the couch icing my foot.  He also included a half of an avocado which is the perfect post run food!  

Capri's and compression socks!   Call me for your style questions!

I settled for a little glass of RumChata.  It's like Horchata with rum.  

I have no idea why I thought I needed some booze after my run, but I'm obviously a crappy drinker.  Water is really my go-to.  Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone!

Since I figured out my Garmin Connect, I decided to add Daily Mile to my blog.  The only thing I don't like it that it doesn't add my years mileage up correctly.  After today's run, I have run 458 miles this year and that is only the outside miles, no treadmill runs included!!  

I'm not very good at keeping track of miles and I finally found an app for my iPhone that I can keep track of my shoes and their mileage. 
Shoedometer on iPhoneIt's called Shoedometer.  I take a cute pic of my shoes and then I can keep track of them better then finding a stock picture.  

 I'm not even good at that.  It's a miracle this blog is going along so well!  

So after icing my foot and taking a shower I'm walking on it just fine.  I'm sure it will be tender in the morning.  It's a crazy foot, I can't figure it out!!

Do you keep track of your miles??

When you feel a twinge of an injury do you stop, collaborate and ice? (heehee)

I obviously don't!

Blog on................


  1. The Garmin looks like it gives you a lot of info. I like it, but not sure I want to have a watch on. I always have my phone on me, listening to Pandora, so running the MapMyRun app in the background works great. She also comes on and gives me my mile split times over the music. Then when I get home, all the info is already online and I can do screenshots of it.

    YES! I keep track of my miles. I have an excel spreadsheet that has all of the races I'm doing, whether I'm registered or not (because I have been known to register twice for some races!) my schedules and miles actually run. I have it set to do a tally each week and a running total for the year. I started this in June.

    I also keep track of my shoe mileage on there. Just in different columns. Have a running tally for each show and when I get done with a run, I plug in the mileage depending on which shoe I was running/walking/hiking in.

    As far as stopping during a run if I feel discomfort or pain...... I'm not very good at listening and have a hard time stopping, so I run through just about everything. I pay for it later, that's for sure! I don't know why it's so hard for me to just back of sometimes. I keep saying I'm not competitive, but I think I'm proving to myself that's not really true.

    Hope that pain you were feeling isn't anything serious and you'll be back in action in no time.

    I was sporting the same outfit after my race today. Capri pants and compression socks with Birkenstocks. Talk about a fashion statement! I was getting some crazy looks from my neighbors when I went outside to take out the garbage cans. (I know they were just jealous and wondering where they could get a cool outfit like this!) haha

  2. ugh. Stupid heel! I hope rest and icing helps whip it back into shape.
    I always tell myself that I'll stop if something hurts. That's only actually happened once, though. It's hard to listen to your body when you're so focused on completing a goal!
    For some reason, I was craving a cold beer when I finished my LR, Sat, too. I settled for tons of food, instead.