Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pump up the jam!

I have no idea why that song is in my head.  I didn't even listen to music during this workout.  I apologize in advance for it being in your head.

Driving up to work I was reading/listening to Rich Roll's new book, "Finding Ultra".  I'll write a review when I'm done but I was fascinated when he talks about training in HR zone 2, or basically keeping your HR low as you workout and your endurance will increase and so will your speed.  I have heard about HR training before, but haven't read enough about it to really know what it's all about.  I'm very interested in learning more. 

I figured out my zones today.  Of course I skipped over all the articles about athletes that had blood taken and lactic acid blah blah blah.  I am just wanting the basics for now.

I found a simple calculator on the Runners Connect site.  Even though I just guessed at my resting HR I think it gave me an idea of the information I'm looking for.  
Max HR: 176
Zone 1: 126 - 137
Zone 2: 138-150
Zone 3: 151-162
Zone 4: 164-175

The numbers look about right.  I decided that even though I can't run, I can bike and get on the elliptical at the gym and I was going to try and keep my HR in Zone 2.  I need to get my Garmin set up for it, but for today I just used the HR setting on the machine. I'm at work in Wyoming so I went to the apartment gym and wow - I wish they were better machines, but I got it done.  30 minutes.  

Watching the Giants put the hammer down!

After I did my planks, side planks, crunches and push ups.

Then I took pictures from the floor.

I had a TRX class yesterday and today the elliptical.  I feel much better now that I'm doing some sort of exercise.  I want to keep up my endurance and feel better.  I'm working some overtime this week so it will be sketchy as to how much time I have to work out, but I'll plan on something.  Foot did OK.  I may have to support it more when I work out, but overall it didn't hurt too much.  

How do you feel about Heart Rate training?

Blog on..........

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