Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Team, "100 ways to get disqualified" Part ONE

 Van Two
Kristopher, Shelley, Nate, Charlotte, Adrianna and Ken.
I was in Van 2 with Nate, Charlotte, Adrianna and Ken for the Wasatch Back.  Missed running with them, but I love making new friends!  Spent dinner with Kristopher and Shelley and they are a sweet newlywed couple.

Van One

The girls
So young and vibrant!
Me, Brandie and Heather.  I ran with Heather in the Wasatch Back.  Met Brandie this trip and LOVE HER!

The Old Farts
These guys can kick my ass in running even in their geriatric state!  Age has slowed down their bodies but their minds are still hovering around age 16.
John, Mike and Jeffrey
They were in the other van at Wasatch Back, so they were on my team, but I didn't get to know them very well. They made me giggle the entire time!


Freaking freezing!!
They were making snow too.  Who knew there was a ski resort that close to Vegas?  I didn't.   It was sunny but windy and that wind was frigid. 

Mike showing us his flexibility. Pretty impressive and most likely better then me.

I have to admit that not being in charge was nice.  Not only was I not team captain, John was awesome at taking care of everything related to the van.  Either John or Mike drove and the commentary was priceless.  They also could tune out the rest of the van in a heartbeat.  "Please open the partition so you can hear us!" John had all the vests and everything ready for check in.
He also had pockets.

A belt of pockets.  
Lots of pockets.
The jacket was awesome too, this way he didn't have to put a safety vest on but just wear his jacket.  He's a thinker!

Brrrr....I had on two jackets and my blanket! 
My new running Oakleys.  BAM!  Love them.  
This is also my first Ragnar without braces.  It's heavenly!!!
The frigid start!  

Various exchanges.  Most pics were taking during the first legs, the night was dark and tired by the third.  It's amazing how the weather affects everything.

John to Brandie

Striking a pose for Brandie

Jeffrey to Heather.
It was warmer as the day went on.  Jeffrey always wears awesome shorts!  Heather looks so dang cute in running skirts.  I would LOVE to look that good!

Great picture of Heather running

Brandie to me.

Mike running.

Heather to Mike

Van one to Van two
Mike to Kristopher

 Ken getting some pics as Kristopher runs off.

Waiting for John so Brandie can get the hand off.  It was pretty nippy.

We couldn't figure out where to drop off John and we were late so at the stop light, John jumped out and Mike jumped into the drivers seat.  After we got through the light we realized how far away it was and picked up John again and found the right place.

Getting towards the end

Brandie and John.  
Fat Waldo is behind them.  He may be chunky but he flew by me on my last leg.  Size does not matter folks!  At least not in running!

 My view from inside the van.  
John had a pre-programmed GPS that actually mentioned our names when it was our turn.  The team was nice enough to let me sit in the back so I could ice my foot and elevate it after each run.

My best pic of Jeffrey.  Happiest guy ever and I love him to death!  He has some long name for some condition that acts like Multiple Sclerosis but isn't.  He is super knowledgeable about nutrition and controlling your own health.  We had lots of long conversation about eating healthy and using food and supplements to keep the body strong.  He is my hero!  He runs and when he's done we have to "catch" him because he looses control of his muscles when he slows down.  Sometimes he can't talk or he starts crying.  Each time is different.  He's pretty proud of his "handlers" and I am too.  The three of them act all gruffy but they have the softest hearts ever and take great care of each other.  Jeffrey is a great inspiration in running and life.

Picture of Brandie helping Jeffrey work it out and start walking.  He ended up running for a while again and then was able to slow down a little better.  After this run I was afraid the wind was going to knock him down because his balance was off a little.  No such luck, he powered through.

PS.  All the looks we got....from idiots who thought he might be drunk.
Bite me, you shallow piece of shit.

I told him he needs a note pinned to his shirt so if he finishes before we get there they know not to pump him full of ativan and rush him to the hospital.

The condo was close to most of the major exchanges so we were able to go back to it between each leg.  It was nice to be able to clean up and change clothes.  After leg 2 we went back and Brandie and I (my bunk mate) jumped into bed and actually got about 3 hours of sleep.  

Next up:

Funny weirdos and THE END! 

Who inspires you when you run?

Blog on...........

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