Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Team "100 ways to get disqualified" Part TWO

Funny weirdos and THE END!

There is always lots of interesting folks at these races.  Theme vans, dressed up runners.  There was an ultra team that ran in banana outfits.  Lots of costumes, usually.  This race was a little mellow, but I managed to catch a few.

Man runner in Lululemon skirt.  

 Dumb and Dumber Van

Rock and roll 80's hairband van X 2

 I don't quite get the "don't judge" comment but it's pretty bold to drive around with "Free Pussy" written on your windshield.

 Lots and lots of colorful Lycra.  Lots.

There were very few shirtless men, so finding my pseudo boyfriend was impossible.
This is all I could find and at the very end. 
Didn't make the cut.

Mean girls.
Oh wait - that's Brandie.  She was tired and we were at the end waiting.  I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the picture.  
"I cut you"


One of the worst finish lines ever.  Plus the last leg went from 7 miles to 5 and then ended up being 3 miles.  Ken was there way before anyone else could park and get there.  We had to walk along where the runners were running.  It was a mess!  Hopefully Ragnar can figure this stuff out.
It was cold and we were all so tired and no space, so few pics.

Three medals as promised!  

The boys again!  


I had such a great time and although this was the first year for this particular course, and they need to tighten some stuff up we made it work and kept it fun.  I have never regretted running a Ragnar and this was my 5th one!  

We look like we just rolled out of a van!

Big thanks to Ken for putting together the team, condo, etc.  Thanks to the guys for renting the van, driving and making me laugh!  Thank you to Heather and Brandie for putting up with me and keeping me sane and giggling!  

May we race again soon!

Blog on.............

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