Friday, November 16, 2012


Tonight is Plankapalooza at my Pilates/Yoga studio.  9th & 9th Pilates in SLC. I love the word plankapalooza.  I'm not sure I'm spelling it right but I love the word.  I'm scared of the class because I know the instructor and he gives you your money's worth in workout.  Yet I'm also excited for my class even though I know about half way in I will be thinking, "I'm going to die".

Tomorrow my thoughts will be more along the line of, "that was an awesome workout - my core is as tight as a rock!".  I will keep thinking of that as I power through tonight.

If you are from SLC and want to try out some classes, they have an introductory package for 89.00/10 classes.  If you buy one and drop my name then I'll get a discount on a multi-use pass.  It's an investment, but I've looked around and they are the best priced with lots of classes to choose from.  Plus the studio and equipment is well maintained.  

Enough about my plank party!

I'm sure you've wondered to yourself, "How is Kathee's foot" (I've done an awful lot of quotes in this post!)  Well my foot is sucking right now.  I have multiple terminology for the suck factor, but I'll keep them in my head so I don't offend everyone.  

Wednesday was the second opinion trip to the orthopedic foot guy.  I knew he'd give it to me straight because he's from back east (New York/Chicago) and he's Jewish.  They don't mess around.  

He took a very detailed amount of x-rays and found nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  I was sure, judging from the pain post Vegas Ragnar, that something finally just broke.  Broken bones are SOOOO much easier to deal with!

Of course this is medicine and it's all just a really educated guess, but first of all, they (meaning the 4 doctors that looked at my beautiful toenail missing runner foot) don't know why I'm having nerve pain.  I will have a nerve study at the end of next month.  Dr S does believe that the worsening heel pain is caused by the hard inserts that are helping heal my plantar fasciitis which are causing the fat pad and the fascia to separate and I'm hitting my heel bone.  Which means I have two injuries - each ones treatment is counter healing to the other.  Oh joy joy!!  Happy dance joy!  

Dr. S isn't an idiot and he knows he can tell me what it is, how to fix it and that I can choose to follow his advice or not.  He is somewhat like college is to education.  You can sign up, pay your money and never show up.  I like to think of it as being an adult.  Something I have avoided for a long time.  Looks like I'm going to have to get serious about my foot.  I'm not running anymore this month.  It hurts.  Not the foot as much as that deep pain inside that you get when you can't run.  

She's a beauty!

I have told myself I won't get depressed and this would be a good time to beef up those core muscles and get some muscle definition!  Boom.  So far I've had so much pain from just walking that it hasn't been a problem.  I also have some pain in my left calf, probably from running lopsided to try and alleviate the pain.  Even my medic looked sorry for me.  That's it!!  I can't be a hobbling around flight nurse!

It's a vicious circle of pain and idiocy hard hardheadedness   I still have the 10K in the first week of December and if I can run it I will, if the foot is not giving me the thumbs up then I'll have to pass.  It's two months to the Florida Ragnar and unless my foot falls off then I doubt I'll miss that.  (See how I am????)  

So I am wearing good shoes and have a gel insert in the right foot to help my heel.  No hard inserts for a while.  I'm considering running in my Hurricane's and tossing the hard inserts to the side - or not.  I'm on the fence with that.  I'll discuss it more when I go back to Dr. S and his mighty group of doctors from around the world.  

A look at my gel pads.  

I'm icing as I type and I'll roll it on a frozen water bottle tonight with some massage and exercises.  Whatever these other conditions I have going on that are not plantar fasciitis, I need to address seriously.  

So K-Fab is not running, but hang tight because I'll be back and keep you updated on my road back to running shoes.  

Jump!  In my cute Lululemon outfit and pink running shoes!  I OWNED this leg.  Under 9 min/miles.

I'll be back.

Oh yes, I'll be back

Have you ever heard of a runner NEVER getting injured?

Blog on.......................

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  1. Have you tried superfeet inserts? They recommended (talk me into) them at my last shoe fitting and my podiatrist was happy with them when I last saw him. They are really helping without being too hard. I have the berry color which is for womens running I believe. Might be worth a try. I think they were $40.