Sunday, November 18, 2012

Oh the Mockery

Maybe it wouldn't bug me so much being injured if my life wasn't saturated with running stuff.
Blogs, friends, magazines, everything!  
I noticed every runner today.  It was beautiful and the weather perfect this morning. 

I think they are mocking me.

So I Google'd pictures of hurt runners.  


In this photo taken Thursday, April 19, 2012, Greg Farris takes a break while wearing a protective boot as he helps set up for a weekend triathlon event in Lakeland, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

I actually have this cast from a stress fracture a few years ago.

It would be unbearable if I had a treadmill.  Although it is gym day tomorrow.  I wonder if I could call ahead to have them cover them up for an hour.

Of course I couldn't resist checking out how all my blogger "friends" are.  Well, mostly I just stalk people.  

Shut up and Run had this picture.


I won't bite though.  Kick some ass, but not bite.  I don't put random shit in my mouth...period.  

It could be worse.  I could spend my birthday at a certain steak restaurant that has you sit on a saddle while they sing to you.

I was unsuccessfully trying to be sneaky.
A 16 year old and an 80 year old.

I went to lunch with my great friend Chris and his son Hunter.   They are in town for the weekend.  We were amazed that we hadn't thought of a rolling saddle in our party days!

Plankapalooza was a great success and my sides/back and abdomen are all sore.  So I hung out with this gem:

Zoe really doesn't have anything to do with planks.  I can imagine that she would be sore if she did them - she is older then me, in dog years that is.

We drove across the valley to get an all natural/fresh turkey.  Zoe was cold so I put a towel over her and turned on my seat heater.  Spoiled old hag.

Love her to death!

How do you explain running and injuries to non-runners?

More then anything, people have laughed and wondered why I ran on my foot for so long.  It's almost impossible to explain.  THEN the shock that I am downright depressed about not running.  It's only been ONE week.  Lord have mercy....

Blog on.......

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  1. I've never found a good way to explain injuries to non-runners. They're very unwilling to join you in a pity party, either. :(
    Hope your foot is back to normal, quickly! Great job staying active, though.