Sunday, November 18, 2012

Showed that car who's boss

Pardon the blurry pics, but I wanted to document this experience and apparently I was in too big of a hurry to actually let the phone focus.

I didn't get to the gym today.   What I did do is get some stuff done!  I feel actually somewhat caught up.  There was cleaning, laundry some bills and then the major engine repair work. 

My daughters old car is a 96 Honda Civic DX Hatchback and it's been a pain in my butt since we bought it.  When the mechanic wanted another 400.00 to put a new distributor in I about pooped my pants.  I had it towed back to the house over a week ago and Matt and I rolled it into the garage at the first of this week so my son Daniel could fix it.  

Today it became obvious that Daniel fixing it was not going to happen. So I checked out the manual and You Tube and after 2 runs to Auto Zone I finally went to Pep Boys and was able to get everything I needed.  It probably took me about an hour to do it, but I had to find the tools and this was my first attempt at major car repair.  

Done and it started.  I took it for a spin around the neighborhood and it purrs like the POS it was before!   Now my son Jake is going to sell it for me.  I saved 200.00 doing it myself.  

When I finally got in the shower tonight I realized I hadn't combed my hair or anything the entire day!  Glad for getting things done and look forward to working tomorrow.  

My foot was a total bitch today.  Just being on my feet all day and it was throbbing by evening.  Ice, massage, ibuprofen and elevation tonight.  

Do I know how to party or WHAT??

Blog on..........


  1. YAY! glad you got it fixed! My favorite part was "it purrs like the POS it was before!" that made me literally LOL.

  2. Charene@TheRunnerMom.comNovember 19, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    I love it! I too try to just do things myself. I rarely wait for the guys to do their "guy" thing. I do get funny looks sometimes when I'm tearing up stuff in the yard or up on a ladder on the house, but hey, I want to get it done sooner than later and that usually requires that I have to do it. Glad your POS is back in action and ready to find a new home.

    Hope you foot feels better. I found an awesome compression tubing from my hand surgery that I am putting on my feet. I cut it about 4" long, double it and slip my foot into it. Just the right amount of arch support without all that taping mess. Do you have any of that stuff around where you work? I have the size small and it's working awesome! I sleep with it on and wake up in the morning with happy feet! I ran with it on this weekend for my last race and it gave me extra arch support. My new best friend. (for my feet anyways)

    Feel better soon. I'm sure you're going crazy not being able to run!

  3. That;s amazing!!!!! doing stuff yourself is so liberating. I am not that into cars but I used to have a girl friend that was, and she was amzing to have around. Now I should just trust my knowledge as a spent a wole whack of money getting this part fixed that a MAN told me when I kept saying I think it's the wheel bearing....well it was the wheel bearings so I had to spend some more on those. Trust yourself! lol

    hope you feel better :)