Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today is Thanksgiving.  

It's the extra holiday for me.  It's been years since my little family has had anything really traditional.  Every other year we go to the family cabin and spend time with my brothers and sister, mom and dad and all the cousins.  This was not that year.  I wasn't feeling like doing anything this year.  

But I bought an all natural, never been frozen turkey.

Then I was asked to pick up a 24 hour shift today.  So I did.  

It's not that I wanted to avoid being with my family, but an OT shift on a holiday??  It's like getting 2 days of work for one.  Matt was a great sport and cooked dinner for all the kids that were in town.  I brought a ham up to the crew apartment and my medic, me and our 2 pilots had dinner.  It was nice.  We even transported a patient before dinner.  Really, it was during dinner but just finished making dinner when we got back.  

I am so thankful for so many things. 

Wish I had this for my shift tomorrow.

Especially grateful that I don't have to bring headwear to dinner!

Blog on............

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