Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tres running legs.

Finding three outfits to run in for the Ragnar is a lot more difficult then you think.  There is weather, matching, comfort, matching, cute factor, comfort and weather to consider.  It became quickly apparent that I did not have enough tops that went with my pink running shoes.  I fought the urge to run down to Lululemon or even to REI to grab at least 2 shirts because it was an emergency!!

So I embraced my bank account and put together some cute outfits with what I have and I'll just wear what shoes I have to wear.  Okay, your not going to believe that.  I think the pink shoes match well enough for all of them but I may wear the orange shoes at night with my super warm outfit.  The yellow in them will definitely compliment the yellow in my top - if anyone even sees it.  If not it will compliment my yellow safety vest.  Boom.

Outfit/Leg one
My favorite!  I'll start out with a Lululemon tank and crops and have my purple long sleeve if it's cool.  This run should be in the heat of the day and I'll have my best chance of showing it off.  I'll be wearing white compression sleeves and pink shoes...natch.

Outfit/Leg two
I'm pretty sure this run is going to be in the dead of night, or at least evening.  I'm wearing my awesome Nike long pants that are nice and warm, a Nike top with a Lululemon long sleeve (LOVE!) and if it's super cold I have a Nike running jacket that I've ran in many times and it's comfortable and warm.  I'll be wearing yellow compression sleeves and orange shoes.  Even if no one sees the layers - I'll know.  And if I know I look good, I run better!  Your lying if you don't think it's true!

Outfit/Leg 3
I'm not sure if it will still be dark when I run this leg, but I figure I can always put on the running jacket in Outfit 2 if I need more warmth.  I'm wearing my new Lululemon Capri's, Napa Ragnar shirt and my Lululemon half zip that is so cute I think I actually get better looking when I wear it!  Black compression sleeves and I can't decide which shoes.  The pink ones would look the best, but if it's still dark, do I want the orange ones?  I'm going to decide at the time.  Crazy - I know!

Packing always takes longer then I anticipate and I can't figure out why.  I'm not being factitious either.  I make lists and have things ready but it always takes me way too long.  I travel a lot so I really need to pull it together.  

I'll be in Vegas soon!  Get ready to RUMBLE!!!
"call Nike, tell them what we just did?"

How do you feel about the outfit you run in?

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  1. This is amazing!!!! I love that you have those outfits all colour coordinated :)

    I really don't have too many running clothes, so it's more of a question of HOW should I dress for the weather, as opposed to what looks good ;)

    GOOD LUCK!!!! It's my dream to run a ragnar