Thursday, November 8, 2012


Mock Scene Call:
I was the last nurse to go.  There was 6 of us.  Give each nurse about 30 - 40 minutes and it was almost 1pm when it was finally my turn.  

I wish this was a better pic - but trust me, they are all awesome!  
George, Deb, Kristie and Heather.
One nurse was already in the air and then me.
My Rock Springs BFF.  Love hanging out with her.  
She is another Rock Springs nurse and we were hired at the same time.

Kristie gave me the heads up the pilot was starving.

A bag of candy or is it brown nosing.  
Can never be in too good with the guy that drives the bus!

After we did the scene stuff we got the patient loaded and took off.  I have to say I haven't seen a patient take pictures before, but of course he was fine.  I was grateful for all the volunteers help.

I took pics as we flew back.  We started in Bountiful and came around to the U.

Great day.  Love my job!

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