Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ragnar Packing List

Warning:  I tend to pack too much.

The condo in Vegas is close to the course and so I can take a little extra and leave it there, so I’ll keep the extra shoes there and if my Pink ones hurt my feet I can switch to the orange ones.  Plus, I have to match!

*in my Rag kit (green train case)

   Running Shoes (2)–Pink and Orange

o 3 running outfits –one warm one
  o  ONE –
  o  TWO –
  o  THREE –
o Arm warmers
o Running socks
o Fuel belt
o iPhone holder
o compression sleeves
o Gloves/hat
o Long sleeve tee
o Light jacket/greyRagnar jacket
o Comfortable shoes
o Comfortable sweats
o Hat or visor
o Reflective Vest
o armbands
o Butt light – take both*
o Head lamp*
o Batteries*
o Sunglasses
o Glasses
o Glide*
o BioFreeze/nervemedicine
o Acewrap
o Cold packs – 3
o Ibuprofen*
o Salt stick*
o Water bottle andholder
o Gels/Gummies
o Shaka laka*
o Kleenex          
o Contacts
o Reading glasses*
o Prescriptionsunglasses
o Bug stuff*
o Deodorant*
o Toothbrush toothpaste
o Wipes/face wipes
o Foam Roller
o Hair holders
o Sunscreen/facesunscreen
o Lotion
o Vaseline*
o Feminine products
o Pins*
o First aid bag withmoleskin
o Nail clipper*
o Empty plastic grocerybags
o Hand sanitizer*
o Meds
o OTC meds
o Brush pics*

Other Clothes/stuff staying at Condo:
o Jammies
o Panties
o 4 tshirts
o Shorts
o Swimsuit
o Socks
o Towel
o Dirty Running things
o Shower stuff
o Brush
o laptop

o Water
o Nuun*
o Protein powder
o No xplode
o Shaker
o Chocolate almond milk
o Nuts - cashews
o Dark Chocolate
o Cheese
o Ham
o Trail mix
o Applesauce – 4squishers
o Bananas - 2
o iPod
o chargers
o new flip camera
o multiple car charger
o Cash
o Sharpie
o Scissors
o Tape
o Garmin with all stuff
o Small notepad for“things overheard”
o Decorations – boozebottle and zip ties/duct tape.  Leg?
o Glass markers
o Vests
o Extra iPod with carlistening stuff
o Blanket

      Stay tuned for pictures of the three outfits.  I haven't quite figured out which ones will best suit me for the weather and the spirit of the race!

      I am trying to get 100 grams of protein a day to increase my long term energy stores and tonight I made up this recipe on the fly and it was AWESOME!!  
      Ground beef, bacon, can of rotel tomatoes, some cumin, garlic salt and mrs. dash.  Throw it in a lettuce wrap with cheddar cheese, sour cream and guacamole!  SO delishious!

Getting excited for this race!!

    Any other packing ideas?  Did I miss something??

    Blog on.........................

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