Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday nerves!

Lets start this post out right!

That's right!  On my way home from the Rock I stopped at our new library and was greeted by no line and the best volunteers.  When one handed me my sticker he said, "Good work, Citizen".  Thank you volunteers! 

Speaking of the Rock.  Here is a peek at Sunday's flight.  Pretty sunset and successful flight, can't ask for anything better!
I also flew all night last night and now I'm exhausted.  So frustrating.  BUT, when I finally made it home my FREE RooSport had come in the mail!!
After touching it and seeing the quality I'm super excited to use it.  I will do a product review when I get back from Vegas.  I plan to wear it for all three legs so I can see how easy it is to use in the day and the night.  

Tomorrow I have a mock scene flight at work and I'm pretty nervous about it.  I learn so much from "pretend" scenarios, since my job requires us to be ready for just about anything.  I am just not good at it.  I get flustered easily and my memory wipes clean.  
I'll have to pre-medicate with bacon.

Luckily I had a massage tonight and my back and chest muscles were so tight!  I feel much better now, but I plan on keeping that chest stretched!  (heehee)
I guess it would help to meditate or something.  Life. Stress.  
Good thing I have bacon.  Lots of bacon.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Blog on...........

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