Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pre Vegas Ragnar

These two extras and then a 
Las Vegas one similar to this one:

My song list:
I usually put it on shuffle, but I will probably play in order for the first leg.


Leg 1 - 5.4 miles
Sweet elevation loss! 

Leg 2 - 6.2 miles

Leg 3 - 4.5 miles

I'm runner 3 in the sinner van...hehehe

Oh there is going to be shenanigans!  I don't quite know if I can actually come up with sinning, you know with racing and being a decent person and all.  Sinning is so subjective so lets just say I'm going to just sin away!  I'll be drinking coffee, swearing like a sailor and saying many inappropriate things but never to hurt any feelings, because that is just rude!  

Next is my packing list!! 

Anyone else trekking to Vegas for some good times next weekend??

Blog on...................

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  1. Wow, those elevations are awesome! Looks like you have some great legs! Ha! Have a great race and I'm jealous you get THREE medals!! You go Ragnar Queen!