Saturday, November 3, 2012

Slow run in the WIND!

It's a beautiful day in Rock Springs today.  Cool, clear and temperature around 50's.  Perfect for a nice run!

I wanted to run slow, but it was a little slower then I expected.  Yesterday I was finally sick of eating not as good as I should and not enough protein.  I've started keeping track what I eat and my running again on My Fitness Pal.  

I have the Las Vegas Ragnar next Friday so I'll only do one more easy 3 miler before then.  

I walked after the eight mile mark and it turned out to be 8 miles in 1:30 with a 11:10 average min/mile.  At about mile 6 I turned a corner and ran into quite the headwind.  More then anything I hate running with a headwind.  I feel like I'm running in place.  It was a little cool, but it felt good after being sweaty. 

How awesome is this!  My shoes hit right at 100 miles today.
I rotate through 3 shoes and I love these the most.  Probably because they get the most compliments!  They still look brand new too.

I even have my post run treat!!
My very favorite almond milk ice cream

I know I'm trying to eat right, and this isn't too far off.  I just need to ease up on the non-protein foods and eat more meat.  WHICH - I will! Funny thing is that I have definitely eaten plenty of fruits and vegetables every day.  I love them.  

Foot is doing OK.  I can tell when I slack wearing shoes all the time and icing so it's a little more sore then usual.  That is my fault.  Since I had the flu I have been a total slacker!  I need to get back on it all!  Tonight I'm putting together my packing list, song list and checking out my legs for the Ragnar.  

Nothings better then a Ragnar to get me back in the groove!!

What do you do to get out of a funk after being sick?

Blog on..............

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