Thursday, November 1, 2012

Busy busy bust

I have been so busy it's crazy!  You know those days that you are running around with errands and appointments and you realize that your house is trashed from running in and dropping stuff and you are exhausted.

Last night I was SO tired.  I spent the day at an appointment, errands and back to the hospital to chart my last late flight.  Plus I spent most of the day at the car dealership buying a car for my daughter.   Long story.  

So that leaves little time for running but I plan a run for Saturday when I have a day off up in Rock Springs.  I'm already ready for the Las Vegas Ragnar, I'm not worried about that.  

Training in the Bell 407.  It's tight in the back seat!  Good thing my preceptor, Judy is a tiny thing.  

 "Three crew in a tiny ship"
Sung ala Chris Farley's, "Fat man in a little coat" from the movie Black Sheep.  A true classic.

I am usually very consistent about where I put my work stuff so that I don't leave without something.   After my late flight in Ogden, when I finally got home and I was so tired.  I just threw things on my dresser.
Most of this stuff goes in my EMT pants/Flight suit pockets. 

I finally cleaned my room today.  My bed looked like this for 2 days.  My helmet thrown on my husbands side of the bed, helmet back and work bag just tossed onto the floor.  Luckily Matt has been in California or there wouldn't have been room for him in the bed!

I feel super lucky to have the job I have.  Being able to visit my patients the next day and see that all the people involved made a difference is so rewarding.  I know that flight nurses and medics get the cool uniform and helicopter rides, but I know I couldn't do it without the great care from the first hospital, the skill of our pilots and the care given at the receiving hospital.  It's just fun!  

Blog on............

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  1. talk about awesome loving ur job!! and have to say it sounds like u have plenty reason too! sooo exciting ur running Ragnar...those things are always a blast! :)