Tuesday, October 30, 2012

6 miles in the park.

A great day for a run today.  I am worried about back east and all the weather there, but I did take advantage of a beautiful fall day.  I haven't ran since my half marathon 8 days ago.  I wasn't sure where to start but decided to run 6 miles.  Not a tempo run, more like a warm up to running again.  I felt great until mile 4 and then started feeling tired again.  I'm sure it's because I'm not cross training as much and frankly, I've been sorta lazy.  Lazy with exercise, not with life.  

I ended up running 6 miles in 1:01.  I wore my new pink shoes and they felt great!  There was a small hot spot on my heel but I can work that out.  

I also noticed that my hurt foot felt like it had a better form then the other foot.  My right (hurt foot) stepped lightly and took off and the left foot seemed to have more of a stomping sound.  Guess I should be using all the massage and exercise for one foot on the other foot.  If I don't I might start running in circles.

Here are my splits:  10:13 min/mile average.

I will do a day of speed work and a long run this week and then next week is taper time, so I'll do a couple of short tempo runs.   My total mileage for the Las Vegas Ragnar is 16.1 miles.  My longest run is 6.2 miles.  I'm planning on an 8 mile run on Saturday in Rock Springs.  Hopefully it will be better then blizzard condition.  I'm getting excited for it!  I absolutely LOVE Relays!

There is a little lake/pond in the middle of the park.  It was beautiful.  About 60 degrees.

My new tank.  I loved it of course.  This is post run.
My new pink shoes!!  I think they are going to work.  I plan on putting a few more miles on them before the relay.  

Soon as I got home I was informed that my daughters car didn't run.  We picked it up from the service station, she drove 2 miles and it died.  SO - I decided we would trouble shoot it.  We ended up replacing all the spark plugs and the spark plug wires.  It still didn't start.  It's so frustrating.  At least we tried!

Thank god for head lamps!!

Do you fix your own car??
Never.  But I did when I was younger and want to teach my daughter to at least try to figure it out.

How was your run today?
Great.  I am grateful for my legs/feet today and the perfect running conditions.

Blog on..............


  1. Looks like it was a beautiful day....I'm jealous! :>)

  2. What a beautiful day! Too bad the car died, I hope you were able to fix it by now. Great job on your runs! I'm injured aka have an excuse to rest lately. I'm still battling achilles tendonitis :(