Saturday, December 22, 2012

Almost ran today...week round up.

This week has been crazy.

I'm off duty today so I thought I would go have some breakfast and read. Right now I'm reading "America's Cheapest Family" to help me re-evaluate my finances and get on top of things. I really like it so far. I also noticed that I was reading it on my iPad that I pulled out of my Coach Purse.
Apparently this self intervention is way overdue.

In my defense, I paid cash for both and saved up for quite a while for the iPad.

Then I planned on running at the rec center here in Rock Springs. They have a track that is really soft and I though it would give me an idea of how my foot is feeling. Unfortunately I started reading and fell asleep. It was an epic nap! I needed it!

This week included 2 extra ICU shifts and 2 trips to the hangar for training and a partial rotor shift. I'm in Rock Springs now until Christmas Day and had to get all of Christmas done. I wanted to do a better blog post and a few other projects but my laptop decided to do this:

I have some corrupt files so hopefully when it's done with this scan it will be ready to party. It's taking forever so it looks like the party is delayed. This post is being written on my iPad and I really struggle typing on it.

Tomorrow should come a post that I've been tweaking for two weeks. It explains some struggles right now that have recently happened and have added to the stress of not running and working so much. Really the other way around.

Maybe I can sneak over to the recreation center in the next two days. I really need to give this foot a test drive!!! Christmas is only 3 days away! Happy Holidays!

Blog on......

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