Sunday, December 9, 2012

Barr and keeping busy

Today was Barrevo. A class that combines barre exercise classes with some good beats and kicking butt moves. I was really burning by the end, but it felt great.

I took a picture of our Pilates Reformers room. We didn't use them for barre but when I try to explain Pilates on the machine, it gets quite lost in translation.

Then there was the Christmas horse. (???)

After I went to the new Trader Joes in Salt Lake. I had to get some Puffins. If you listen to Tosh.o's stand up then you will get the reference. It's pretty wild stuff but I'm just sick enough that it makes me laugh.

I also bought some Kale and I finally gave it a try in a smoothie. There are berries in it and that is why it looks blackish purple. I also added a banana and almond milk. It was delicious! Getting ready to read the new Runners World. Am I the only one that gets super excited every time it comes in the mail?

I iced my foot while I drank my smoothie. Before I knew it I was freezing and had to grab my electric blanket. It doesn't help that it's below zero outside and snowing either.

I also picked up a delicious latte from this local gem. Naughty but so right. (Ps. There is no baby in that stroller. It's pretty crowded in there so they left the stroller outside and took the baby in, whew!)

Last but not least I wanted to try an eggnog martini. I didn't have all the ingredients but with some vodka, egg nog (from Trader Joes) and coffee liqueur I made it work! Boom! Loved it

Tonight we also opened presents and had cake for Jakes Birthday. I love my kids and really enjoyed having them all together at the house. It doesn't happen often, that's for sure!

Daniel, Austin, Jake and Sami.

It was a good day! I only dreamed of running briefly.

Blog on..........


  1. i have been wanting to try the barre classes; i've done the pilates reformers and they are a lot of fun and great core work.

    haha...i've seen a few episodes of Tosh.0 but obviously am missing the puffins bit, however i do love that cereal. i hope u're feeling better!

  2. I like switching the workouts around, even if I can't run. The puffins is from one of his stand up albums. I drive a lot for work and I'll spend hours listening to comedy. Makes me laugh.