Saturday, December 8, 2012

Road Trip

Last two days I've been up in Rock Springs at work.  The first day there we had a flight but the fixed wing couldn't get into the Salt Lake airport (weather) for a few hours. 

I was in my get-up and of course I'm going to take a picture!!  Waiting for the pilot to say, "go time".  Luckily things cleared up and we were able to complete our transport.

Today started out with a text message from Wyodot (Wyoming state web site) that "alerted" me to the fact I-80 was closed about 20 miles west of Rock Springs.  I signed up to get alerts about I-80 from the Utah border to Rock Springs to keep me posted when I'm driving up there a lot.  Needless to say my relief nurse was late.  

THEN, it took me four hours to drive to Salt Lake City.  FOUR hours!!  I can usually do it in a little over 2 - 2.5.  Luckily I had snacks, hot coffee, water bottles and my iPad and iPhone.  I sent some work emails after we finally were just STOPPED.  Apparently there was ANOTHER accident.

This is what I was missing:
Family cookie day!!!
We all bring our own cookies and frost them together.  We also dip pretzels in chocolate AND this year we used a pinterest idea to decorate sugar cones as Xmas trees!  Thank you to my dear sweet Sami who took care of our families stuff.  Of course the baby pic is thrown in there because she's adorable.

Speaking of adorable!!
Three of my parents granddaughters.
Xadi, Sami and Abby.
My brother Dave's daughter, my daughter and my brother Marks daughter.  That is some genetic genius there my friends!

Here is Xadi's little sister Lisette.  I had to get my baby smooches and smells in for the month!  She wasn't in a very good mood.

She packs a killer pouty lip!
SO adorable!  
Don't worry, I put down the iPad and did as I was told by her majesty.  Walk and pat, walk and pat....

Today was a rough day.  I listened to Rich Roll's book, "Finding Ultra" and I'm working on a book review about it.  I also listened to Joe Rogan's podcast with Rich Roll on it. Then I listened (I had lots of time) to a book called, "Why we are fat".  It's the second time I've listened to it and I took notes all the way home when I could.  I am fascinated by the history of food and how it is viewed as nutrition, etc.  It's so full of facts and studies that I am going to put together a couple of posts on it that just skims the surface but I think it's mucho importato.  (Espaniol?  Nada?)  Hahahaha

All of this awesome information about running and nutrition and I just want to run!  Instead I ate 4 sugar cookies with frosting.  Bah HUMBUG.  I must be in the anger stage of my injury?  I know I would feel better mentally, physically and emotionally if I could just pound out a long slow run!  Guess this is where the rubber hits the road (OK, I really don't know what that means).  Tomorrow I have a Barr class and hopefully that will cheer me up.  My nerve study was moved up to the 20th and I have some Christmas shopping to do!

What is your favorite thing to do when you are feeling down?

Blog on.............

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  1. At least it's a particularly busy time of year. I know the activities don't replace running, but it must keep your mind off it, temporarily. Hang in there!!

    Also, that pouty face? SO stinking cute!