Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Time

Day four of my five days of no work.  Hopefully I will actually get it posted on the day I write it.  In my defense, I was busy obsessing over my wonderful new iPad until 2am.  I'm pretty sure that's the best way to spend a day off.  

Yesterday I did take the time to drag myself to the gym.  I've had a month off of running and although I'm not running I wanted to do some aerobic exercise.  Pilates, TRX and athletic conditioning classes are awesome but I thought I'd throw in some bike.  Stationary bike.  

Thirty five minutes at a pretty good clip and it felt pretty good.  I had a good sweat going and the foot didn't hurt at all.  I did some machine lifting and called it a day.  Next time I'll avoid the busiest time and pizza night.  The smell of pepperoni burps was nauseating!!  

Today is a BarrEvo class that is a cross between Barr class and lots of low weight repetitions.  I will hurt tomorrow, I can promise that!

Last night I had my daughter dye my hair.  I am sick of having gray roots and I have been spending so much money on my hair for so long that I decided to just give the home dye a shot.  It actually worked pretty good!  My hair feels great and the gray is gone.  I haven't curled it yet but I'm excited to see how it looks when it's done. 
Playing with my iPad as my daughter does the work.

Biggest picture is after.  It was fun and it worked!
Then the kids and I were messing around with the camera on the iPad.  Daniel didn't want to cooperate with a family picture at midnight so Sami and I made it happen.
This is my favorite picture.  I'm not really laughing but my kids are.  I'm so lucky.  I love them dearly!  

My foot ached a bit after cleaning for a few hours but hardly at all after icing and rolling.  It's starting to itch.  Like deep in my heal.  I think that is a sign of healing.  It's my heel and I'll grasp at anything!!!  

What exercises do you do when you can't run?

Blog on.............

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