Friday, December 28, 2012

Going bright!

I was very lucky today!  Lululemon was having an insane 3 rack extravaganza on their markdowns.  I tried on over 20 pieces and I hate trying things on.  Lululemon has great clothing but some of it is just NOT for me and my body. Since I'm sure you've been waiting to see what I could possibly choose..... I decided on these pieces!

The picture isn't doing it any justice.  I just didn't feel like putting them back on when I got home to take a picture.  
I decided to get some bright blue pants and bright yellow top so I can throw some color into my workouts/runs.  Especially in Key West, I want to stand out!  The long sleeve is amazing!  I wore it to Pilates tonight and loved it!  It will be perfect for running in cool weather plus it's a great layering piece.
Pretty good for going by myself.  I usually have my shopping partner Tera to give me fashion tips and reality checks.   

I also went to Savers to try and find something to replace my Ragnar case and there was nothing.  SO, with a little 1970's shelf paper, duct tape and ribbon I have done the necessary repairs so that it can last another day. 
I don't think it will do for Key West though.  I have to pack for a week and a Ragnar in one suitcase.  I'm hoping it can be done!  I'm sure I'll put this case back in rotation for Del Sol.

Here is a pair of pants that I passed on.

I wanted to take a picture so I could remember how well they fit and how long they were.  They are the "ice queen" tights for running.  I already have a couple of running tights so I really didn't need them. (Like any running clothes!) When it came down to the decision I decided to go with the bright blue.

This post included some nail biting information!  Like I've always said, if you look good you run faster!  Hoping with my new financial status that I will learn to enjoy what I have for a long time or at least until next Christmas.  

Time to pack!  This is my first race where I had to take an airplane, it should be interesting.

Any packing tips??

Blog on..............

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