Thursday, December 27, 2012

I ran! I ran!

And it felt amazing!!  I really prepared myself so that I wasn't hurting my foot by doing something stupid.  (no comment..haha)

I used the yellow KT tape PRO for the heel taping.  Keeping a tight hold on my heel so that the fat pad on my heel doesn't hurt.  Then I put on one strip of regular KT tape around my arch to support the fascia.  I put it on one hour before I went to the gym so that it was warmed up and stuck to my foot.

If you have the choice between Pro and regular KT tape, get the PRO!  I have resisted because it is so much more expensive but it is also so much better.  I finally took off the old stuff I put on almost a week ago!  It doesn't hurt to take it off either.  It's silky and doesn't catch on socks, etc.  Definitely worth every penny.  Now I wish I had it in every color!

It felt good just getting in running gear.  I took this picture right in front of my living room window and the snow is SO bright it almost washed out the picture.

I went Lululemon!  Tank and capri's with the long sleeve that I love so much.
Did I mention that I received 125.00 in gift cards to Lululemon for Christmas??   Thinking I might go get a cute outfit for next weeks Ragnar in Key West Florida.  

Because of the cold and snow I went to the gym.  I don't wear my running shoes to run errands and as soon as I changed into my beautiful pink Asics it was magical!  Even if I had to switch over my new inserts from shoe to shoe.  It felt awesome!

I started very slow at 12 min/miles and every 2 minutes I increased the speed a little.  I ran the 3 miles that was part of the plan and came in under 11 min/miles total.  It took me about 32:30.  I warmed up really well along with stretching and did some stretching after.  My foot felt a little sore but it didn't hurt as much as it does when I just stand on it.  

I came home and after making dinner I elevated and iced it along with some ibuprofen.  I have to say it feels OK.  I will continue to stretch it and elevate it and hopefully tomorrow it will be in good shape too!

I plan on running 5 miles on Saturday and then 6-8 miles on Monday.  I leave around midnight Monday for Florida and I will just chill until Friday when the race starts.    My legs are 3.4 miles/8.1 miles/2.7 miles.  I might be a little slow for the 8 miler, but I think I'll do just fine.  Then I can collect my TWO bad ass medals!!  

Do you get super excited when you get back to running?

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  1. woo hoo!! Sounds like it's pretty good, so far. Will keep my fingers crossed, for you.
    Thanks for the K-tape tip, too. I always end up going the cheaper route, so that's good to know the diff.
    what's your team name? Look for me! I'm on an ultra "Shangheied"

    1. I will watch for you! I dream of being on an ultra team! Maybe by the end of 2013 I'll be ready. We are "Everyone loves a wiener" and we have a picture of a wiener dog on our shirts! haha

  2. those relays are SOOOOO much fun! Your legs seem reasonable, and I'm sure you're going to do just great.....can't wait to read your report! Have a happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Bill. It may not be an impressive running report but the relay is so fun it will at least be entertaining!

  3. That is great news YEAH!!! I never heard about the K Tape Pro, good to know though.

    1. It's awesome if you ever need to tape anything! It's silky too so it doesn't snag onto stuff.