Monday, December 17, 2012

It really happened...

I was at work today and I asked a mechanic if they had any boxes.  He said, "ask Scooby (not his real name), he's the box guy".  Wow, a box guy.  If there wouldn't have been 8 other mechanics around I would have asked if that was all Scooby had to do.  They didn't even have very many boxes.  Guess it's just a part time job.  

Amazon box guy is a bully.


I went to the hospital to do some stuff.  I was in full uniform and wearing my boots.  My foot didn't hurt at all and I thought I was rocking the walk.  FOUR people that I have worked with asked me what was wrong and why was I limping.  REALLY?  I know part of it was the boots or if I've been limping so long I need to relearn walking.  I appreciate the concerns and glad my foot isn't hurting so bad.  

Probably because I bought these Bad Ass shoe inserts!

Signature EV Ultra Custom Footbeds
I did some research and had never heard of these.  You can find some information about them at Yoursole.  I went to REI to buy another brand and this very nice informative sales lady had me try the ones they offered and when I mentioned my issue she told me about these and when I felt them they felt like they had a little more cushion on the heel and deeper heel cups.  

They are magic!   My heel loves them!

Unfortunately I didn't buy some for my flight boots.  They do make an insert that is for cold weather that I would love to have.  So I spent part of the day without them and that made my foot sad, but it didn't hurt.  That is very good.  

I have them on now.  Yes!  Love them.  

Did I mention that they are moldable?  I agree with the saleslady when I say that just wearing them around will mold them well enough for me.  But if I want to I can warm them up and mold them to my feet.  They are pricey at 45.00, but my custom inserts (that aggravate my heel) were 325.00.  Now I must save for the insulated inserts that are 55.00.  Boom.  Going to be worth it!

Do you use insole/inserts?

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