Monday, December 31, 2012

In the last hours of 2012......

What a YEAR!  I can't decide if I would want to do it over again.   OK, nope I would not like to relive the last year but some awesome things happened!

Things I did:

Started working out at the 9th & 9th Pilates studio in Salt Lake.  They have Barre and TRX classes too. This has helped my running immensely and my body has never been this good!  

Finished my Flight Nurse training and I've spent a year as a big girl fixed wing flight nurse and I'm starting rotor on my own in January.  Dream job?  Check!  A huge adjustment to be sure!  

Braces OFF!   Double boom boom.  Wearing braces is torture and we consider it as a torture device.  I am super happy with my teeth though!

Xander was born in October, two days after I tackled the Manitou Incline on a whim!  I ended up getting the flu and leaving early but I look forward to going back to snuggle the little cutie and spend some time with my Matthew baby.

This year I spent some quality friend time doing some interesting stuff.
Wendover Bus - where you take a bus to Wendover and gamble all night.  I'm not a gambler, but the company was good.
High Tea at a fancy hotel and we all wore hats.
Def Leppard with all the sexual orientations represented and the funnest group of big hair fans ever.
Taylorsville Dayzz at Amies  (Legendary!)  I really don't have too many details on this one.  I woke up at the neighbors house on the couch.  Details are sketchy but I was dressed and that was a plus!
Green River Fishing Trip!  Great times on the water with Matt, Jason and Tera!

My mom's heart took a dump.  We found out that the radiation she received for breast cancer had caused mitral valve/heart failure.  After a few months with the best cardiologist ever she is tuned up and feeling better.

Took Daniel to Chicago to see Radiohead and we also went to the Chicago Blues Festival.  I had the best time ever and love hanging with my youngest!
One lump on ole lefty was biopsied and found to be benign.

My first Half Marathon:
  *Canyonlands Moab, Utah April
  *Thelma & Louise Moab, Utah May
  *Top of Utah Half Marathon, Ogden Utah August  PR
  *The Other Half, Moab Utah October
Other Races:
    Cookie Chaser 5K  PR
    Taylorsville 5K June
    Devil Dash August
    Crack of Dawn 8K  June
    Salt Lake Half Marathon Relay with Tera and Nicole

APRIL:  So Cal
JUNE: Wasatch Back
SEPT:  Napa Valley
NOV:   Las Vegas

It was definitely the year of running.  It was also the year of running away from reality and problems.  Despite the crappy ending the year was an all around success.  My Ragnars were so much fun I almost pee'd my pants every time.  Racing with Susan and Paul in a few 5K's was a great time.  I'm hoping to race more with Susan this year.  I even got Matt running for the Devil Dash and he ran a 10K in December.  I talked Tera into running a half marathon with me in May and we ended up running two Half's, a Devil Dash and a Relay!  

But alas, there is more to life then running.    

I am very happy that my mom is doing great!  It's been nice to be so involved in her care and spending time with her and my dad, even though I won't talk about politics or religion.   My health has been great except for the foot.  I know that I can get through this injury and even though I'm keeping my running expectations down for 2013 I'm expecting a full recovery.  

All my kids are awesome!  There are so many bumps in the road of growing up and I'm proud of how my kids are handling them.  I teach them to make decisions for themselves that they can be proud of and to own those decisions.  They are unique, loving, smart and I love spending time with them! 

WARNING!!  Pictures alert!  LOTS of pictures!
In no particular order.

 Dedicated to my fellow flight peeps.

Hot Snowbunnies!
Me, Loreen and Kelly.  My gals on the ice!

 Amie and I at Jake's Concert.

 Yeah, I went there.  Post biopsy.

 Tea Party.  Tera, Jen, Danielle and I

 Amie and Anthony.  

Best Rag Van EVER!

 Hour 30...stretch.  So Cal.

 I think this was the cookie chaser.  I PR'd one week after So. Cal.  Boom.
Paul, Susan, me and Susan's sister who's name escapes me.  Their mom is even smaller.  It's like hanging with really cool English midgets.  teehee

 Third place.  That's how I roll.
 Daniel and I at RadioHead.  I really want to go see them again.
 I have no idea why this is flipped.  It's Matt and I fishing with the Schatz's. 

 It's true.  Up to the top!

 I miss his little face the most.  


 New Ship, it's perty.
 Who likes Saucony?  This does not include the pair that is sitting in my closet not even opened yet.  (I gotta problem)
The other half, half marathon.

Squishy squishy!  

 It's not a fanny pack.  It's a nurse purse!  

 Not Amused Zoe.
 Merry Christmas to a bunch a gals that can save your life and look good while doing it.

 Ted and his favorite gal, Rachel.  He can barely sit still for a picture.

 TWO red airplanes.
 PR!!  Ouch

 Pre-race warmup.  Salt lake half marathon and relay.

 Callie.  Danielle's baby.  (spelling?)

 Kids!  Jake, Emily, Sami and Austin

 What happens in the van, stays in the van.

 My next husband??    Bahahahaha

 Chaos...and happiness!

 BOOM. Bling.

 Parenting is hard!

 Lissette.  My niece.  
This year I had lots of baby smelling!

 Great friend, Mic.  We're old.

 Post Vegas with 3 bad ass runners.
 Vegas!  New friends, great time with old friends!

 Yes! Girls that were whiter then me!

Some more new friends!!  Wasatch Back Ragnar!

 Crack of dawn!  Paul and Susan!

 Mock Scene flight.  My "faux" patient in his pretend full spine precautions taking pictures!

 Jake - Band of the Year concert.

 Bet you can't find me?  Bahahaha

 Max Pain and the Groovies

Top of Utah on top.  Thelma and Louise on the bottom.  Peace.

 Trouble in So Cal.

 Does this ship make my outfit look cool?


Bunches of Family Chaos!

 Ted:  Guilty!

 Pre:  The Other Half.  I was post flu and Nicole was post op.  We still managed to look good while finishing!

 My foot's best friend.

My favorite babies!
Happy New Year!!  
Lets make this one something special!

Blog on............

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  1. Wow!! All those photos really made your year seem busy and fun! Just the way life should be huh? Top of Utah is a great race. I was there this year and should be there again in 2013....