Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

I'm headed off to Florida!  YEAH!!!!!!!  
Today I ran 7 miles.  It was exhausting, I'm so out of shape.  I'll do within my expected time for the Ragnar Relay this weekend, I hope.  

Today it was 7 miles in 1:13.  I think my average on my Garmin was 11:05 min/miles.  I was averaging about 9:30 min/miles with a one minute walk every 7 minutes but toward mile 6 I was getting exhausted!  I slowed it down and finished up just fine.  I didn't take any pictures until I was in the car.  It was too cold!

Yep, cold.  Then when I stopped sweating I got the chills.  

It was 27 degrees...brrrrr.  The good thing was there was no wind and there was actually some sun peaking through.  I wore a running shirt with a long sleeve tech half zip and over that I wore a fleece half zip and then a zip up tech jacket.  The jacket was too much.  I was pretty warm.  I ran with it unzipped for most of the time.  I also had a hat, gloves, my nike warm tights and calf sleeves.  I only wore stuff I wasn't taking to Florida, except the Asics I'm taking.  

Take off is in 6 HOURS!!  I'm just about packed, with all my outfits securely in gallon ziplocks.  I just have snacks and personal stuff to pack and I'm ready to go.  Oh and a shower with a hair wash.  I'm spending a night on 2 planes with an exchange in Detroit (???).  I'll roll into Ft. Lauderdale at 1030 in the morning eastern time. 

All this stuff needs to go into that suitcase.  
My cute outfits are ready to go!  Each bag has an outfit, clean socks and clean panties.  It's almost like I could be a little OCD.  hehehe


Team:  Everyone loves a wiener

I'm runner 9.
Leg one:  3.4 miles Easy
Leg two:  8.1 miles Very Hard (starts around 430 am and I run along the highway)
Leg three:  2.7 miles Easy.  BOOM!

Total:  14.2 miles.  
Any longer and I don't know if I would pull it off.  I have plenty of KT Tape Pro, ibuprofen and a travel foam roller.  What more does a runner need??

Song list:

I try to change my music up for each race.  

Back to packing!!  I'm sure to post updates from my phone or iPad, but you know how crappy I am with that.  

Have you ever traveled across the country for a race?

Blog on.............


  1. Looks like you know EXACTLY what you are doing for this ragnar. I will be running my first one this Summer and am a bit nervous about it. I know nothing!

    Good luck and have a blast!

  2. Good luck!! Safe travels and I hope to see you there!! (here...in FL)

  3. I'm slowing catching up on blogs. I hope you had a fantastic relay!!!