Thursday, January 3, 2013


Florida is awesome. Humidity is not. Why do I feel so miserable with the smallest amount? Luckily I've had a day to recover from an entire night of flying. I'm staying with my friend Mic's mom. She is in a retirement community in Ft. Lauderdale. I see my future.
Pics out of order. I haven't figured that out yet on the iPad.

Best part about Florida: Sweet Plantains. Oh heavens! I love them, and consider them the best carb loading.

De-icing. Interesting! I took about 10 pictures because I found it so fascinating.

I paid an extra 30 bucks for this special embroidery on my seat. It was actually worth it to have a window seat so I could sleep.

Before de-icing.
That's a big engine!

Detroit airport. First time in Detroit. Happy the coffee place was open.

Tomorrow the race starts and I'm pretty excited! First time in a van full of strangers, so it should be interesting...and fun!

Blog on....

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