Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yeah, this is how I'm Rollin'

I'm rolling slow that is a fact!  My medic and I were sitting on the bench at Walmart waiting for our pilot when I saw the evil villain KingPin.  I didn't know he shopped at Walmart.

Yeah, I'm going to hell.  But I have already secured a place anyway.  Notice my boots?  That's what I wear to work and sometimes they are nice to my foot and sometimes my foot hurts more in them.  It doesn't make sense.  It never had.

I bought a new iPad after a year of planning and saving.  I also bought a protective cover for it.  Apple sent me an email saying that the iPad would get here Monday and the cover on Tuesday.  Doorbell rang on Friday and it was Mr. Federal Express.  He had me sign for a package from Apple.  What would you think?

It was the cover. 
My iPad is partying in Memphis over the weekend and undoubtedly eating ribs.  There is going to be a stern discussion when I get him/her in my hot little hands.  
What is an iPad anyway?  Her? Him?

I LOVE my parents.  My mom read my blog and offered to give me some of her essential oils for my foot.
I'm not passing up on something that could help but for sure won't hurt.  My mom has a long history with orthopedic issues and never takes any pain medicine.  She loves and uses essential oils and lots of naturalistic remedies. She also goes to a medical doctor for some stuff which makes me happy.
So now I get to smell like my mom.  She always smells like a spa.  It's relaxing just thinking about it.

I went to Costco on a Friday night.
Bought this salad mix and it turned out delicious!  Go Kale!

I thought that after Costco I would swing by Ikea to get some ideas for the house.  If you have a foot injury and it hurts to walk too much, don't go to Ikea.  It may seem obvious to the casual observer, but apparently I'm too close to the issue to see the obvious.  My foot hurt like a bitch after.  A little ice and elevation made it better!

After stopping at the grocery store I went to my parents house and my dad and I split this bag of wings. I watched my medic chow them down last week and I've been craving them ever since.  We polished it off.  Thanks Bret, you are a bad influence.  BTW, he was also responsible for the Kingpin reference.  I didn't even know who that was. 

Rollin in a new pair of kicks!
I've never worn Mizuno and I'm beginning to think I don't have a brand loyalty.  I did not buy these shoes for running, but are just for everyday use.  They have a more substantial heel to help the ole right sided pain sucker heal.  I must say, I love them.  They are comfy, stylish, new and seem to be helping.  

Do you subscribe to holistic medicine?

Blog on..............


  1. I think Ipads are gender-less, until you designate one for them. (my husband's is a "he", btw)

    I avoid Walmart like the plague and impressed you survived a trip, smile intact.

    1. I'm pretty sure that mine will be a "he". Just because he stopped in Memphis. My case, who was early, it's a she.

  2. New reader! :)
    Love your shoes!
    I have an ipad and gotta say, the LIGHTNESS of it is amazing since i travel a lot. Hope it gets to you soon!

    1. Thanks for visiting! That is why I bought it, I travel a TON! I'll be waiting by the door tomorrow!

  3. My iPad is female when it's working properly and fully charged. When it decides to freeze or have a low battery warning, it's definitely male!! haha

    I try to avoid Walmart whenever possible. Thankfully we have a Target close by and I'm totally addicted to it. It will be sad when my son grows up and wants to wear clothes from an actual clothing store or something brand name or trendy. Now he just wears disposable Target clothes. I never feel bad if he wears out the knees or stains something, it just gets tossed!

    Glad your Mizuno's are working out for you. My feet are tempermental too. I think one day that certain shoes will feel better and then they make my feet hurt worse. I can't ever quite tell. Have a mind of their own!! My pretty pink asics are my walking around shoes and they definitely make my feet feel better. I think it's mainly because they are hot pink though!!

    1. I love my hot pink shoes! When I work in Rock Springs, Wyoming there is only a Walmart as far as big box stores. We go once in a while to pick up odds and ends. It is insanely entertaining.