Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow snow drive!

Monday morning at around 1am my daughter called me from the driveway. She was stuck in the insane amount of snow. Of course, my back is doing better but not push a car out of the snow better. So we shoveled and salted and shoveled. Luckily Daniel, my youngest got home and we were able to eat it unstuck.

Wish I had a picture.

That morning I had to get up super early to get to Rock Springs on time for my shift. The roads weren't super bad and I love my Subaru - it's a snow machine! Great thing about driving up out of Salt Lake was the sunny skies and clear air!

I left early and by the time I got to work I was exhausted.  Ended up having a few mini naps throughout the day.    Unfortunately we didn't fly and the weather didn't let up much either.  On my way home on Wednesday, I had this to contend with:
About 100 miles away from home.  I sat there for an hour.  I may or may not have stewed about how frustrating all the travel my job entails.
Then I came home to this:
View from my front window.  That is Daniels car.  He has to pay to get it fixed.  We are on month two.  Teaching children about responsibility is aggravating!  My kids hadn't shoveled the driveway yet either.  That was the first thing they did when I got home.  SLAM the hammer down!! 

Lots of snow, lots of driving and lots of work.  Now, vacation!  (again!!) 

Picture updates while I sled in the great Island Park, Idaho!  

Prior Year Shenigans!

The SuperBowl

 Trying to steal a keg from a snow bear. Sake.  Coffee Stirrer= No helmet removal=warm noggin.
My favorite sled.  


Blog on..........

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  1. That's a lot of snow in your area!
    I'm glad you guys were able to get your daughter out..had that happen to me before, it's not fun!