Thursday, January 31, 2013

What IS National Ab Month.

I started doing some research (Google!) about National Ab Month.  This is what I can gather and isn't necessarily fact.  

Proof that I had pretty OK abs (I'm on the right).  Of course I'm pretty sure I was about 12-15 lbs lighter.  This was 2002 - wow - time flies, dressed for an 80's party.
Shari, Lisa, Me
We sang Karaoke that night, "We are Family", damn I miss my 30's!!

Back to Ab Month:

I found this on Google:

I love a good and easy challenge.  I think as runners we are our biggest competitors.  With my foot being cranky, this will keep me doing something every day and keeping my core strong.  

I have a few challenges doing ab work every day.  First, my vacations/races.  I'm not too worried about my snowmobiling trip but when I drive down to Arizona for the Del Sol Ragnar it's going to be interesting to get ab work done while being in a van for basically 4 days.  

It's on!  

Blog on..............

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  1. I think I just might try this...I'm kind of limited in what kinds of ab work I can do (bad separation after my kids) but I need to get that core shaped up! Thanks for posting this!