Tuesday, February 5, 2013

13th Annual Sledding Extravaganza!!

Another year, another good time.  This year was a short trip with not nearly as many miles, but a blast to say the least.  The usual suspects were there, Gary and Kelly.  Known them both for about 15 years, been close to Gary for about that long too.  He usually brings his hot Italian girlfriend, but she had to work so it was just the trifecta of fun and excitement.  Kelly's nephew Mark joined us too.  

Friday started out with Gary going to pick up the sled that was fixed and Kelly and I were to meet him there.  I drove about 50 yards, hit some powder and a hill and WHAT????
My snowmobile crashes are equivalent to a ground level fall.  Just a tip over.  The powder was deep enough that nothing was hurt on the sled and of course I was laughing by the time Kelly caught up.  The only problem, we had to get the sled out.  I hate digging out a sled.  
Look at Kelly dig.  If she tells you the story about how she lifted the sled on her own and I pranced around like a princess I have to tell you that it is not accurate.  Although I could not have done it without her.

Boom!  Back on the trail.

The weather was cloudy with some sun that peaked out occasionally.  The weather was mild so we didn't freeze to death.  We finally met up with Gary and Mark and headed south.

Warm River Falls.

Comes right out of the mountain.  

I didn't forget about Ab Month.  I planked on the sled and Kelly had to take a picture.  I love this because we are both laughing.  We laughed a lot.  Gary shook his head a lot.  

After Warm River springs we headed to Mesa Falls.  Always beautiful.  I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do.  Probably because I have at least 150 just like this one.  I do wish I would have taken more with my friends that were with me.
We ended the day at Pond's Lodge having dinner.  We use to love Ponds and now all I can say is don't go there.  The food is way too expensive, they don't really care about their customers and that "hometown" fun is completely gone.  


Next day we took a trip around Two Top and ate at Meadowcreek Lodge.  It's a restaurant that you have to sled to.  It's crowded every weekend and the food is awesome greasy diner cheeseburgers!  

On our way home, Mark decided to try and do some donuts, on his new sled, on ice.  Whoops!  Broken collarbone.  Thank god for helmets!  His "crash" was like mine, only he landed on ice. 

That night I wanted to grease up the massage chair at the cabin.  It's a wonderful thing after a day on the sled but it had a lumbar squeek that was loud!  Gary laughed at me, he didn't think I had a plan.  When he saw that I did, he couldn't help but jump in!  I love fixing stuff.  I love Gary.  
Love those curtains.  They are about to come back into style.  The shag carpet matches.  The cabin has personality and style!  

Next day was our quick trip to Two Top.  Two Top is an awesome mountain that you can see 360 degrees for miles and miles.  Unless there are clouds.  This trip there was mostly clouds.  We decided to give it a try anyway.  About half a mile before we actually get there, here was the view.

 Blue skies and snow covered trees.  I look like I'm wearing a gas mask.  Hahaha.  Hey, I've got a sledding helmet set up that works awesomely!  Absolutely no fog up on the goggles and very protective.

Around the corner and up the hill, this is what Two Top looked like:

Weather can change fast and we could see pretty good, it was just cloudy.  I've been up there before where you could barely see the person in front of you.  It can be scary and I always respect the mountain and the weather. 

After that we headed over to our newly found Super Bowl watching bar.  The Trout Hunter is in Last Chance and they were actually having a party with food, entertainment and drink specials.  BOOM!

We had a blast and met some great people.  They had a great half time and after SuperBowl band.
They had moonshine.  They shared.  I still have a hangover.  Great music too.
Yeah Ravens!!

Kelly and I really struggled the next day.  Too much fun, talking, moonshine and shenanigans.  I even lost my voice.
Funny Picture:
The ice machine at the cabin.  It's my dads nemesis.  He spends so much time getting it to work and it won't work for him and then it works for other people.  Hilarious.
It worked overtime for us.


Thank you Gary, Kelly and Mark.  I had a great time and look forward to next year.  Hopefully there will be more miles and less broken bones and hangovers.

I absolutely have not forgot about Ab Month!  
I am keeping track, are you?

What is your favorite winter sport?

Blog on...................

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time! Good for you!!!