Thursday, February 7, 2013

Abs Week One

It has definitely been a challenge this week.  I thought it would be easy, breezy but with travel and trying to put my bedroom back together it would just slip my first.  

Up at the cabin I did planks and crunches before we headed out to sled.  Kelly joined me when I was holding a plank, stating, "I can do that, it looks easy".  A minute later, not so much.  

Credit true.

I've pretty much kept my ab workouts to planks, side planks, crunches and a push ups.  Actually my favorite ab workout is to hold a  1 minute plank, do 5 push ups  a 30 second side plank, 5 push ups, 1 minute plank and then a 30 second plank on the other side.  I follow it with about 100 crunches. 

With my slightly sore back I've kept it pretty low key.  Of course I challenge myself to a month of ab work right after body slam on the ice.  

I'm sure you remember this picture:

I posted it everywhere.  I was going to try and get a picture with my leg up in the air, but alas, my lower back was too sore.  My mom has had almost an entire lifetime of orthopedic issues (She fell out of a tree when she was 11).  She told me she avoided pain and pain medication by exercising but also listening to her body and if something hurt, she would stop. 

I'm surrounded by geniuses.  

Feb. 1st - 1 minute plank, 30 seconds each side plank, 50 crunches
Feb 2nd - 50 crunches
Feb 3rd - 100's X 1
Feb 4th - The moonshine regret.  (No ab work, dang you moonshine!)
Feb 5th - 100 crunches
Feb 6th - TRX/Suspension training.  It included suspended planks, crunches and mountain climber.

Tonight I'll be taking a Pilates class. 

The best workout ever!  Laughter!

Last nights TRX class gave me a peak into the muscles I pulled while sledding.  You would think I would be in good enough shape, but for some reason I come home with a couple of pulled muscles and lots of bruises.  My right tricep and my right adductor are making it awkward at the TRX class.  Luckily it won't affect my ab commitment.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a mess, but then I realize I'm a sweaty mess. 

I was driving my son and his friend to work the other day when I mentioned it was Ab Month.  My son said something smart and his friend said, "Dude, I do abs every morning.  A couple of yoga moves and some ab work wakes you up and makes you feel refreshed".  Such wise words so unexpectedly.  

How is your ab work going??

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