Friday, February 8, 2013


Last night during my Pilates class we did some cool stuff with the exercise ball.  I go to a studio that has the Pilates Reformer and so there isn't always floor work involved.  I was so excited about some of the ab work we did on the ball I went out and bought one to have up in Rock Springs for work.  That way I'm not limited to just floor ab work or even core work.  

I pumped it up while watching a program about plane crashes.  Interesting choice for a flight nurse.  I found that if you put your legs on it while your on a lazy boy you can have your legs up and STILL rock.  Genius.

Pretty hot look eh?  I'm wearing my thermals, wool socks and running shoes.  Boom.  Fashion statement.  It's all about being able to throw on the flight suit and get out the door quickly.  

Core work done today on the ball:

Oblique Crunches both sides.
2 sets of 12

stability ball core training

It was a butt kicker, and I'm sure my form was not this great.

I found the next two pictures on a website called Suzworks.  There is a great article on abdominal exercises too.

Regular crunches although I did them more from an extended position to flat. I was looking at the wall behind me then crunched to a flat position.
2 sets of 12

The push up then crunch in ab blaster.
I'm not sure what the "name" for this exercise is, the website calls it Tuck in the Ball, I call it an ab blaster.  I did this last night in class and I think that is what is making my abs a little sore today.  I love it!
I would do 2 push ups and 2 crunches or tucks.  I did a total of 5 sets or 10 of each.  Very slow, using good form and tightening up the core as I go.  Plus I'm crappy at push ups. 

Not too shabby.  I started out my day with a long drive to work and then we went on a little jaunt down to Salt Lake.  My pilot had to get some training done ASAP.  The crew goes just in case we get a call.  I had 2 awesome 40 minute naps.  Some wicked cross winds and landing on a different runway woke me up and then I remembered how our pilots kick ass!  Smooth as silk landing. 

Nice to see blue skies and fresh air.  That is a picture right over Rock Springs, Wyoming.  My home away from home? 

I'm reading the Whole30 book It Starts with Food.

Anyone read it or tried the Whole30 challenge?   So far I am liking it a lot, but I've adopted the Paleo/Primal lifestyle for about 15 months.  Unfortunately I've allowed a few things sneak into my diet that I know are causing the inflammatory process that these lifestyles are trying to avoid. I stayed away from bread until January when I went to Florida.  I haven't had any since, but I've indulged in a few rounds of homemade nachos with lots of shredded cheese.  And popcorn, I love me some popcorn.  
The WORST offender is crack aka Dark Chocolate Pomegranates.

Evil and addictive and so delicious.

I've decided to revamp my diet and wanted to do the Whole30 challenge in January, but decided against it because of the traveling and races.  Then I started reading all the stories of how awesome everyone feels and decided to buy the book.  Lately I've had headaches and trouble sleeping and I know I'm stressed.  My foot hurts more (inflammation?) and I'm spending more days frustrated and flustered then not.  This week, after my epic Moonshine hangover I am definitely in a good spot to start working my way back to feeling better and healthy eating.  I'm reading and cutting stuff out and learning and planning for 30 days in March.  

Anyone want to join me?  

Keep that ab work up!

Blog on..............


  1. What exactly is this Whole 30 challenge? I recently have major tummy issues and try to revamp my diet, but just the thought of giving up all this food scares me! Any "support group" is welcome! :)

  2. That is why I like the idea of 30 days. I feel so much better when I'm avoiding sugar, etc. right now I'm finding recipes on the web to help me and so I can prepare. I've looked a little into the recipe book "Well Fed" and she breaks it down so easy and talks you through prep work etc. I'm getting pretty excited. Wen I stick with the Paleo philosophy I very rarely have GI issues. Check out the "WHOLE9" website.