Sunday, January 13, 2013

Team: Everybody Loves a Weiner!!

Warning:  This post is a LOT of pictures (thank you to those that unknowingly shared), because we all know that pictures speak a thousand words.

Dinner the night before and meeting

 Me, Lisa (Van 2) and her Husband Dane.  
Mike and Dena (Van 1) and Josh (Van 2)
Of course I don't have everyone but there are plenty of pics to meet the rest of the hooligans.
Morning before take off.
Top of Van:
Lisa, Sheila, Heather and Kim
Ken, me, Trevan, Josh, Paul, Mike and Dena

After check in we went down to the ocean to get a peek.
 Ken and Heather
Me photo bombing Heather's photo.
She wasn't really puking, just playing

Unfortunately I don't have lots of pictures from Van one.  I tried to take a bunch from Facebook (my bad) but lets face it, it's the Van your in that makes the race experience.  

 Paul:  Team Captain, helicopter pilot for the military working Medivac.
Boom.  That's all I can say.

 Mike.  He lives in Tennessee with is wife Dena (Don't have a running picture of her) and I believe Dena works with Paul on the helicopter.  Dena had just found out she was pregnant.  I felt her pain.  What a rock star for running anyway.

 Angela.  Paul's right hand gal and wife. She thought of everything and really did a great job organizing.  I appreciate all her hard work.

See the excitement??  She was runner 1 too!
 Ken.  Never saw him run but did catch him taking pictures!  I have known him for about 15 years and love doing races with him and his sister Heather.  

Heather coming in!


 Kim.  Friends with Angela and from Florida. 
 Lisa.  She just moved from Vegas back to Florida.  She brought her hubby along to follow us and take pictures.  He was a great addition to our group!
 Sheila.  From DC and has run multiple Ragnars.  She doesn't like to wear pink feathers.
 Josh.  He is also from Florida and quite the racing machine.  He and Trevan took good care of the girls with trading off driving.

Trevan.  I met Trevan when he went through the Critical Care internship at the UofU hospital and I was his Fellow.  He's moved on to management now which served him well and he corralled all of us from place to place and did a great job taking the lead in our van.  He did most of the driving and was key to our success. 

Our Van was a blast!  It's not easy throwing 6 strangers into a mini-van for 30 hours, but it worked out and I feel like I made 5 new friends.

 Josh, modeling the reflective gear that is mandatory.  A man that should run without a shirt.  wink wink

 Waiting for my last run and keeping the brightness on.  

 Middle of the night PIZZA!  It was delicious and I ate 3 pieces!  
Confession:  I wasn't as good with Paleo as I have been in races past.  I had 3 pieces of pizza, 3 donuts and a piece of Key Lime Pie.  I finished up with a Cuban Sandwich the next day.  
I regret nothing.

 Aren't we bright and happy!!

 Waiting to support Josh, the girls decide to show off!  
It was shortly after this that I saw Jennifer from Running Moves Me.  Again, rush over to her site and see our picture together.  I look like a wet rat, but I'm happy!

First time meeting another blogger and I'm still tickled about it!


Obviously we've relaxed and feel comfortable around each other.  
Sheila is wearing the princess crown.
For the Van Princess.  I know, your shocked it wasn't me.

Double medal BLING!!

Back to the hotels..JENGA!

Such a great time.  I'm sad that I felt so sluggish and hot, but loved the experience.  Three days after I got back to Utah I finally started feeling better and my legs gave up all the water they were holding onto.  My magical friend Herpy that I brought home on my bottom lip is even starting to heal.  Next time, sunscreen on my lips no matter how sweaty I get!

Have you done a relay?  Would you fly across the country too?

Blog on........................


  1. Okay, I LOOOOOOOOVED these pictures!! It simply LOOKS like such a great time!
    I've loved reading all the relay recaps - it must be such an amazing experience. I haven't done any relays and I would probably be sooo nervous to (the whole being on a team and having other people rely on you thing!). Maybe on day! :D
    congrats! Great medals!

  2. You guys got great pictures!! I keep telling people (who really don't care) about our surprise meetup, too. :)