Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vanapalooza. Tales of a dirty mind.

I've done 6 Ragnar Relays.  Florida Keys is by FAR the most outlandish!  Themes didn't seem to have any limits and unless a Van was corporate sponsored then there was at least one naughty "could be taken either way" statement.  Plenty that were outright naughty and just hilarious.

****If you are easily offended then pass on this post*******

This is just Utah.  Boom.  Done.  Simmer Down.  Yeah, Utah

Help with pregnancy....while flashing your rooster....

 I like the way this rolls off the tongue.   Cincinnati Skidmark.  Awesome.

Honey Badgers..always funny.

Not sure whats going on here - but she doesn't look happy.


At least it's smiling.

Our team van.  Name was in honor of Paul and Angela's dog Corn dog.  Get your mind out of the gutter!!

My very favorite.  I have no idea why, it's just awful and very ballsy.  (giggle)
Check out Urban Dictionary if you don't know what it means.  So wrong.  So wrong.

I'm going to sum it up by showing you one of our last exchanges.  A perfectly good adult superstore with a large parking lot.

So, in a way, the race was just asking for it!
I'm just sad I didn't think of taking Van pics until toward the end.  

This post was only for your enjoyment and held no value and probably decreased your moral boundaries just a smidgen.

Blog on..................

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