Friday, January 18, 2013

Buying my time....

I've been busy. And unmotivated. I think it's the cold but when I actually see how much that I do get done I don't feel too bad.

Running: pretty much cleared to take it easy and let it heal. My willingness to NOT run will speed my healing process. After Florida I don't feel like it worsened, but I'm going to take about 3 weeks off and continue the taping, icing, elevation, rest and essential oils for good measure. I like to think of it as my first "marathon".

In the meantime......

I started the house project. Since Matt moved out I decided to finally paint the office and master bedroom. He took most of the stuff out of the office and also our king size bed. He wasn't being a dick, I offered it to him. I wasn't really fond of it so he took the bed but I kept the bedding and I got the 1000.00 we had saved for the new dining table that I never found. I'm going to use my classic 50's style dining table that I found in my duplex when I bought it in 1998. Matt left his folding chairs for us to use. I'm the queen of design, I know.

With a tight budget and trying to work lots of overtime I've planned the re-do quite carefully. Even though we all know that painting a room is a lot more expensive and time consuming then HGTV tells us.

Last night I cleared everything up and covered the dressers. Thank goodness I have tons of old sheets and an old plastic tablecloth over the dressers for extra protection

I'm type A, even with prepping the room for paint. It's the most time consuming for sure.

After wiping the walls down THREE times I came to the realization that you should really paint a room every 5-7 years. When I moved in almost 10 years ago the house was painted all white and completely move in ready. That's why I loved it. Since then almost every room has been painted but the last two. I can actually see in some spots the dark turquoise that it was painted who knows how many years ago.

The room has a chair rail and I considered taking it off and painting it or putting on a new one. No. Not going to happen. It's pretty much glued to the wall with multiple coats of paint. Plus I don't have the money or talent to replace right now. I'd love to learn to put up crown molding but that is for another day.

I bragged to my friend Tera about how I don't have to tape, that I kick ass at cutting in paint edges. Even with my self announced talent, the tedium of painting such a small strip made my hand cramp up and go into seizures. So I humbly taped.

I'm painting the chair rail a shiny white.
Speaking of hand cramping. Not the best idea to do two nights of TRX before starting a paint job. I'm sore everywhere, but super happy to be doing something. Tonight I'm taking a core class. Why? Why? Oh I know, peer pressure. Haha. No, I am just a sucker for a great workout even if it means I'm grunting and moaning as I paint.

Thanks to Trader Joe's for their no nitrate bacon pieces I was able to make my delicious Italian Chili and for their cut up veggies for an easy salad. Big lunch for me and the kids. They both work evenings so we rarely eat together, so we had lunch and there are leftovers for after they come home from work.

I also ate fried eggs on the way to a meeting. Didn't want to miss breakfast, didn't want a smoothie, didn't have time to sit down. Problem solved!!

I might not be able to run like I want to, but I'm getting something done!

Blog on........

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  1. Good luck with painting! I painted my condo and I still regret it. I just doesn't look as good as a professional would have done. I pretty much suck at it :)