Thursday, January 24, 2013

Work: there and here

Sunday was my first day on my own on the helicopter. We didn't fly, but my day looked kinda like this.

Wednesday I drove to Rock Springs for my 24 hour shift. It started nice and it was a beautiful drive.

Later, after we checked out the airplane and were headed back to the apartment we saw this.

This was the dog that the sheep followed. Sheepdog? I had no idea. There were three of them and some Border Collies too.

Gotta love flight nursing! Everyday is different. Haven't transported a patient yet this week, but it is the slow time of year!

Blog on..........


  1. It's a Great Pyrenees:

    My neighbor has one ~ they found a stray litter of pups in the Uintas one summer. I've seen them with sheepherders in Nevada also. They are very protective, and not very social with humans. Very loyal to their owners and herd, however. Pretty amazing and regal dogs.

  2. Looks pretty, much better than the view from my office :)