Monday, January 28, 2013

The Jelly Bean Race!

I have been watching all these "Virtual" races that bloggers have hosted and I signed up for one.  I only committed to a 10K, but figured it would give me some motivation for March!

Check out her blog and sign up!   
I'm excited!

I'm also running the Ragnar Del Sol Relay at the end of February.  I only have 12 miles total and feel that my heel can handle it.  The Jelly Bean race gives me a little something to look forward to in March and keep me motivated to remember how much I love running!

Have you ever done a Virtual Run before?? 

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  1. I've seen all these virtual races too - I think it's a great idea. Haven't done one yet, but it's probably about time!

  2. another Ragnar? Those relays are addicting, huh?
    I'll have to check out that virtual race. I've never done one...

    1. They are super addicting. I think this will be my 7th in 18 months. You should really come run one with me!

  3. I ran a virtual 5K over New Year's, it was a For The Love Of The Kids run, and so nice to have the flexibility of running it whenever was convenient for me! I am just finishing a DietBet challenge that Jess organized, good luck with your virtual 10K!

  4. I ran one virtual race last year on February 29th. It was a 2.9 mile run. Then I came home and did a whole bunch of workout items of 29 of each. It was pretty fun!

  5. I did a few virtual races and it is great for motivation! I signed up fir the Jelly Beans Half Marathon and looking forward to the medal!