Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sneaky sneaky

Yesterday when I woke up my neck was SO stiff! (Teehee, I said stiff).
By the time I did a few things in the morning I was a little worried about possible cage fighting aka fall damage. I emailed my boss and it was decided to have it looked at. If I wouldn't have done it at work I would have waited a week or so, but with it happening at work I thought it best to follow up. I need my back/neck for my job and my dream career would basically end if I was seriously hurt.
I checked how many people were in the ER and decided to wait until it wasn't slammed. So I continued to work on getting my room together and I was picking something off the floor while I was making my new bed (yeah!!) and my back totally seized up. For the love! I decided to heat pack it and when my daughter came home at midnight the ER looked manageable and so she took me in.

Can I tell you how embarrassing this whole ordeal has been? It was cage fighting! (By cage fighting I mean fall) I was hoping to sneak in and sneak out.

Luckily one of my favorite techs was working the front desk. She also put a fall risk band on me. :(
She ushered me into my room and as I turned around, BOOM there was an attending standing there. Not just any attending, one I know and have worked with multiple times. Not so sneaky, but he was great and I can't tell you how much appreciation I have for people that I work with that care for me. I would hope that I would give my co-workers and friends the same attention and care. While I was telling him what happened I was a little taken aback by the undivided attention. What the heck? Hahaha

My nurse was awesome, the charge nurse, whom I just love working with, checked on my "drama 1". I was given a muscle relaxant, examined and xray'd. No serious damage and I was there for less then an hour. I was minimally embarrassed, and can only say awesome things about the U's ER. Yes, it's a little awkward, but if I was really hurt I would insist on going there. I say that knowing that traumas get a complimentary clothing removal.

So, I'm trying not too feel too bad. I've had to cancel 2 workouts at the Pilates studio and of course I can't run. I have to put the rest of the painting on hold but at least I have my bed to sleep in. Tomorrow I have a 90 minute deep tissue massage. I thought their deep tissue was just pushing harder but it's hot towels, bio-freeze and stuff. I am pretty sure that I'll be fine for work on Monday.

I was thinking about lots of things last night. What if I was really hurt and had to take weeks off of work. I would definitely need to be medicated to get me to rest for that long without going seriously crazy. Medicated as in a versed drip.

It also gave me a little perspective. Pain scale. In my head I couldn't come up with a number. Hahahaha. I was in pain but not narcotics pain and if I positioned myself right then it was comfortable. As I nurse we just need a number. It's subjective and gives us a starting point for treating it. As a patient it was more complex. (Just give me a damn number!!) Finally came up with a 7, positional. I will never have a pain scale of 10 unless I get pancreatitis or something. I've seen 10/10 pain and its not pretty.

I would be a horrible in-patient patient.

Thanks to all that took care of me! Today my daughter is going to drive me around to run errands. Don't be jealous!

Blog on..........


  1. I'm glad there's no serious damage. Relief!
    I never know how to put things on the pain-scale either..hahah What's an 6 or a 8?? who knows! lol!

    1. Me too! I now understand when my patients hesitate when I ask them. Haha

  2. I'm really glad you sucked it up and went in to get checked. It would've been 10x more stressful to sit around and wonder if there was serious damage you were ignoring.
    Hope you're totally comfortable and a -1 on the pain scale, very soon. :)

    1. Thanks. It's actually feeling pretty good. Ibuprofen in the morning and a forced rest from exercise. Hoping to be back to normal activities soon.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! And I'm glad to hear that there wasn't anything serious wrong. Hang in there!

  4. I hope you are feeling better by now!!!