Friday, January 25, 2013

The one week painting plan

When I haven't been working and going to meetings I have been working on my bedroom. The plan was to paint the walls and trim, get the carpets clean and then get a bed. The plan NOW (it's not just a job, it's an adventure) is to finish the closet trim when I can and my carpets will be cleaned on the 7th of February.  I have my sisters old piano and I want to get rid of it before I clean the carpets.  

Back to the bedroom:

First I took the cover off of this.  
I have no idea what it is.  Guess I'll buy a white cover and cover it again.

After I was done painting I decided that the chair rail needed another coat of paint.  There were some splatters from the roller on it.  I did a lot of research on the best way to paint the trim without removing and I'm finding that some of the advice is good and some is sketchy.  Next time I'll paint the walls first and then the trim.

I had to re-tape EVERYTHING. I waited for 24 hours after I painted the walls to put the tape on.  Then I removed it as soon as I painted it.

Best advice EVER!!  Use packing tape on carpet by the baseboards and tuck it in and under with a butter knife.  It works FABULOUSLY!!  

Yeah.  I didn't notice this little oopsie so I painted over it.

After the chair rail and before I finished the baseboards.

After the painting was done.  I took the blue tape off pretty fast but left the packing tape until the next morning.   The next day I ran the edge with a spackle knife to prevent pulling any fresh paint off.

This is today, after I put on the new vent.  Not bad eh? 
The bump in my carpet is from a dresser that was there for a long time. When I get the carpets cleaned in a couple weeks and it should help that.

In the meantime I've been sleeping in the office on this:

Although I was grateful for the 3 inch foam topper on top of the air mattress it was depressing.  Getting out of bed was awful.  Maybe it's because I love reading, lounging and watching movies in bed.  I won't miss this, because today they delivered my mattress set!

I cleaned the wood blinds and re-hung them and made the bed but that's about all I could muster today.  My "biff da slam" on the ice yesterday has me pretty sore.  I'm suppose to go into the ER to just have it checked out since it is work related, but I'm waiting until it slows down.  That means I'll be rolling into the ER around 4am.  Hahaha.  
I'm pretty sure I just have some whiplash or soft tissue injury.

But back to my "new" bedroom.  I plan on some new bedding, hopefully an actual bed to put the mattress set in (I do have a frame), and lots of little things I still need to do.  I would like to get a curtain above the window behind the bed and a few things to hang on the wall. I still have to paint the trim around the closets and change out the plugs.   It's a work in process and with my schedule and now my sore old body it could be a month before it's all put together.  I can live with that.  It's better then stressing over getting it done.  THEN....the office!!!

If anyone is interested in running the Del Sol Ragnar Relay Race with my team we have an opening in the shaggin wagon.  17 miles, runner 10.  Let me know if your interested!  We aren't fast but we have a blast!

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  1. Hey; what kind of piano is it? Are you selling it? How much? Is it in good or bad shape? Message me on FB with your answers, please. I'm interested.

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