Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I know I'm jumping the gun here, but I just applied to be a Nuun Ambassador!  Yeah! 

Except I called this Pink Lemonade.  oops. 
It's Strawberry!  It's delicious!

I have spent some time looking at different products and "teams" that appear to be quite fun when it comes to running.  But if you've ran with me at all you know I've been the Nuun pusher.  Thanks Missy for getting me hooked!  I'm going to cross my fingers and hope they pull my name out of the hat.

I'm about to finish my 24 hour shift at the Rock and go home and finish getting ready for Friday's Del Sol relay race!  I am so excited!  We have so much fun, it will be an ab workout in itself just all the laughing.  I already made a list of fun things to put on the Van windows.  Teehee

I took a low mileage leg.  I ran that 6 miles, but I don't want to blow out my foot anymore.  My total mileage is 11.1 

First Leg:
Second Leg:
Third Leg (hardest.....)
An easy downhill to the finish.  I get to run our team to the finish line.  I'm so excited.  I hope I'm not a hobbly mess. 

Half of our team we haven't even met.  We just got together with 6 other people that wanted to run a Ragnar.  It will be interesting and I've heard stories of it going bad but we won't let it.  Really, how hard can it be to get along with 6 people you only see briefly about 4 times.  I think communication is key. 

Still don't have a date.  I need to get a few more details first.  One thing I did find out is that I can't fly unless I have a closed toed walking brace.  I've been searching the web and found one boot that comes close but I don't want to compromise my foot for the brace.  Hopefully if I can't fly for 6 weeks I can work the ER or SICU.  The brace will cover the foot just not be as closed toed as a flight nurse would need.  I obviously wouldn't be able to do Helicopter, but I can't see where it would hinder my fixed wing transports. 

The Ossur walking boot has a toe bumper that closes off the foot.  Then I could wear a boot cover that they make now that covers down to the tread on the boot.

I can buy this Re-covers on Ebay!

Keep you posted!  Time to finish up and get ready to run! 

Any exciting races this weekend?

Blog on..............


  1. Best of luck with nuun!! I've never tried it before!

  2. You'd be an awesome Nuun Ambassador! Good luck!