Monday, February 18, 2013

Another day off...

My third shift they haven't needed me at the hospital.  My timing is really off. I get messages they need nurses when I'm working flying and then when I'm off they don't need me.  Anywhoooo...I still had a great day!

I went for a run!  I wanted to get a six miler in this week and today was the day.  It was 34 degrees outside and of course I overdressed.  It felt so good and so warm!  I think wearing gloves and a hat makes a big difference.  I wore black capris, pink shirt with a purple long sleeve and then a black half zip.  I really didn't need the half zip.  I also had on white gloves and purple calf sleeves...with my yellow and blue hat.  Who's matchy matchy?  Not me!
But I do love my Oakleys!
I wore them in the house while I folded laundry before I left.  
That's how cool I am.

Forgot about the pink shoes.  Love my pink shoes.
And the blue sky!

The side braid was a fail.  Half of it came out.  My hair is almost long enough!

Followed by foot icing, elevation and a protein smoothie.  I also wrapped myself up in my electric throw blanket.  It gets cold with all that ice!

Before I ran I did the Victoria's Secret AB workout that I posted yesterday.  It looked pretty good when I first saw it, and it was a kick ass work out, but it was crazy!  I was bitter when I was done.  I think it's a trick so that we can do reverse crunches and get a good look at our muffin top.  I'm pretty strong in my core and although I did all the exercises, I didn't do as many as they listed.  Tomorrow I'm doing stability ball exercises!  Yes!

In preparation for my Whole30 month I made a delicious Curry Broccoli soup.  It was better then I expected, plus I chopped up some ham to put in it.  It had leeks, onions and green peppers and lots of broccoli.  All blended up in deliciousness.  

My treat for running today.  This is the flavor Trilogy.  It is a little more vinegary then the others I've had but still delicious.  

I'm about done packing for Ragnar and I spend a day in Rock Springs tomorrow.  I'm getting super stoked for this weekends race!  Not so much for the running part, but the company.  I have some sweet teammates!

How warm do you dress when it's 34 degrees?

Do you run relays?  Would you?

Blog on..............

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  1. first thing i noticed was those gorgeous pink shoes!
    A hat makes a HUGE difference when outdoor running. I'm so picky with being too warm outside(hate it!). I don't think I could ever run with sunglasses!