Sunday, February 17, 2013

What day is it again?

And why is everyone racing??  
Congratulations to all my friends (blogging and real life) that have been running this weekend.  I'm jealous and excited all at once!  I worked all day yesterday on the Helicopter and we got a scene call....then cancelled before we got there.  Son of gun!  I haven't done a scene call yet on my own.  I had a kick ass medic that had lots of experience and I really wanted to get a train wreck (no pun intended) while I was working with him.  I was also working with a pilot I have flown with before and was comfortable with.  So, we got to go up in the air, fly about 10 minutes then turn around and come back.  Why? you ask?  I'm so glad you asked.

When there is an accident reported, especially rural ones that are miles away from any EMS, they will call for a helicopter.  This one involved a rollover and a pediatric patient.  There was a high chance that someone was really hurt and needed to get to a Trauma center within the "golden hour".  Luckily no one was hurt and as soon as EMS arrived and did a quick assessment they cancelled us.  No charge to anyone, it's just our job.  Exciting stuff eh???

Next time you sexy ship.  Next time!

Good thing I stopped drinking expensive coffees because I absolutely love this:

Every flavor I've tried I have loved.  I have limited myself to one a day but I could seriously drink them all day.  

Today I cleaned my house and just after I was done and all the couches were vacuumed, shaked, refluffed and de-dog haired, this is what I walked into.

She is looking out the window in case she needs to bark at nothing. 

Of course a morning of house cleaning and my foot hurt like crazy.  I elevated and iced it, but it still ached.  Decided not to run this afternoon and hope I can get a 6 miler in in the next few days.  RAGNAR NEXT WEEKEND!  Woot woot!

Are you still doing ab work?  I have to say, I'm doing it but I'm not doing it as well as I wanted to.  Everyday I'm doing my basic 50 crunches, 25 side crunches each side and 1 minute of planking.  I was looking at Pinterest (LOVE IT!) and found a couple of workouts I'm going to try out. 

Victoria's Secret Model Blogilates Ab Workout! Be sure to check out blogilates on her youtube channel by the same name.
Maybe it will turn me into a VS model.  Yes!  

Sleek & Slender Abs
I would need to dig out my weights for this one.  Looks like a challenge!

As I contemplate 6 weeks in a boot after my foot surgery I'm starting to panic.  I need to come up with some stuff to do to keep my core strong and whatever else I can do to keep in shape.  I need to keep the boot on so I can't swim.  I'm looking at lots of Pilates and stability ball work.  If you have any suggestions then bring em on! 

What do you do to keep in shape when you can't run...or swim?

Blog on..............

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