Thursday, February 28, 2013

The People of Del Sol

The Girls of Van 2.  Day 2.  Don't be jealous.

Lets start this off with our clutch hitter.  Kirk aka Kirk Cameron, Capt. Kirk, Justin Bieber.   We had a last minute drop out and after I posted it on Facebook, Kirk answered our pleas for help and the night before the race we had a runner!  The next morning he met us at the hotel and we invited him to join us in our creepy van.  He fit right in and we had a blast.  Hopefully he won't need too much therapy.  

I stole this from his facebook.  Hehehe

Kirk was runner 6

Then Jen

Then the chronically late on just this Ragnar twice:
You'll recognize him from the other teams I've been on.  He took the place of one of our drop out runners and he was a great addition as my two sets of running friends came together.   By the end of the trip all my gal pals thought he was the bomb diggity and they all want to run with him again!  What can I say, I know some really nice peeps. 

and then me.  
Don't mind the creepy lady that we can safely say was the "chute" and "reflective" nazi and actually threatened to report Ken within seconds of him trying to get his reflective on. 
Give someone a clipboard.....

Ashley passed off to me in Napa and so we had it down!
This race had a very poor showing of a smooth pass off and many runners dropped the slap bracelet or just handed it to the next runner.

It's not called a SLAP bracelet for nothing!

Runner to receive assumes the positions as the runner coming in reaches out and SLAP.  Look at that form.  Ashley is truly a pro.  We didn't miss even once. not once.
Ken was struggling.  First Nicole beat him to the exchange, then Nicole beat him to the next exchange. 
Then there was this sloppy hand off between the two.

Lets hope they can pull it together next time.  We may have to do 2 a day slap bracelet practice. 

Nicole had just finished her 13.1 miler on her first leg and for that she got a medal for that leg!

Other Exchanges

Kirk to Jen.  This was Jen's last leg and good thing, she took her inhaler but was still wheezing when she arrived at the next exchange.  Like a good team we waited for her to be able to breathe.  We love it when our team mates are breathing.

Then Jen to Nicole.  Obviously Nicole has learned much from me and has assumed the perfect slap bracelet receiving position.  Kirk looks speechless. 

 A couple of other exchange pictures.  I haven't seen Ken's pics yet, but I'm sure we have one of each runner at their exchange.

I'm getting ready for my last leg.  Being the last runner was good and bad.  Good to run in with the team, that is a blast.  Bad to wait until almost the end of day one to run. 

Ken to Ashley

Ken redeemed himself by doing a little 80's hip bump with Nicole on their last exchange.

Kirk getting ready to run his last leg.  He was fast!  Plus he had only started running recently.  Oh to be young....

Um, Ken, I'm not sure that is appropriate use of the roller.

 Ken coming in FAST.  He couldn't slow down he is so competitive with himself.  He was always way faster then he stated he would be. 

Nicole showed him the way of stretching.  
I'm pretty sure Ken pulled something there.

At Nicole's last exchange, Ashley and I watched her as she tried to shimmy through one of those big holes in the gate and failed.  Of course we laughed our butts off and that man next to the porta johns is not admiring her skills.

Later when Ashley went though it without a problem, Nicole insisted on REDEMPTION!

Thanks Nicole for letting me steal a bunch of your pics!

Ken, Nicole and Kirk

 Nicole and I.  Bedmates. Friends. 
 Me and Jen!

Nicole and Ashley.

We didn't know Van 1 very well, but they sure looked a lot of fun!

And that my friends, was my Ragnar people of Del Sol 2013.  I didn't run fast or far, but I had a great time and a good dose of Vitamin D. 

Four days with five people and lots of good times and laughter.

Blog on................

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